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How do you convert a .iso file into a .xbe or .exe file

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Xenoman17 Suspended due non-functional email address
I jst finished downloading Halo 2 english and the format of the game itself is a .iso file.I want to play it on my computer, but the emulator requires a .xbe and another takes .exe and .xbe.I want to somehow change the .iso file into a .xbe or .exe.Is is even possible?If it is can you tell me how to change it?

Thanks lots!
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you dont "change it" you "extract it".

get qwix, extract the iso, and you will see all the files you have mentioned. - tools is where you will find it.
Xenoman17 Suspended due non-functional email address
the defualt .xbe came out so did some others but the emulator says that the Xbe may not be supported.Do any of you know how i can fix this or some other emulator!!
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