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Please help -problem with burning bin/cue file

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For Rollercoaster tycoon 3 I have the correct cue file and a bin file. I used Nero and I burned the image of the cue file. Then I did the same with the bin file. I even tried emulating the drive with Deamon tools, but whenever I start up the game it still asks for disc 3 even though I have either the bin or cue file on disc in the drive. The game wont play because of that cd prompt but when i run the bin or cue file the installation screen comes up again. Do I need to burn them both together? Is there something im missing for the game to pick up disc 3?

I would really really appreciate some help with this. I'm going nuts.....
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I had the same problem and it was driving me bloody nuts as I always thought i was fairly switched on computer wise.
Actually the answer is so simple i wondered how i was so stupid.I was trying to burn the Cue file AND the bin file as well.WRONG !!!!!!
Follow this procedure.
1)Put the CUE and BIN file in the same folder
2)Start up Nero and click on start new compilation
3)When you have the explorer type screen up DO NOT try and drag the cue or bin files into the compilation area,this is where i was going wrong.
4)Click on RECORDER on the from the top menus and then click on BURN IMAGE,a pop up little explorer screen will this appear,find the folder which your files are in and just just select the CUE file and click OK.
5)Then click the BURN icon and let it run.It will automatically extract the program from the BIN file and create your new CD.
Hope all goes well.
awesome....thanks a lot.. I'm not gonna try it tonight though. I've already convinced myself to take the night off before I go to sleep with another raging headache. But, that does make sense to me and it sounds good. I'll try it in the morning. So thanks a lot.
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