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FTP Games to Xbox and Play Them Without Burning DVD?

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My friend said he copied games to his Xbox HDD as ISOs without burning any DVDs and can play them. I can FTP them with FlashFXP, but my Xbox won't play them. I have a 1.0 Xbox with a 120 gigaybte HDD and I have DVD2Xbox installed so I can copy DVDRs and games. All I wanna do is copy games from my computer to my Xbox HDD without burning any DVDs cause I don't have a DVD burner.

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ive heard about this too. i think its called a modified xbox. ive seen it done. 1 of my friends copies the entire game into his xbox and then plays the game any time he wants without the use of the game cd. im trying 2 figure out how to do it 4 myself. as soon as i get the details ill fill u in.
Get a program called Xbox Tools.
put the ISO on your hard drive. use Xbox Tools to extract the ISO. drag what xbox tools extracts to the games folder on your xbox and your set.

no dvd burning needed.
where can i get this xbox tools thing? and how much does it cost? doews it require professional installation? do u have a pic of it?
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go here and you shall learn young newbie. Honestly, the best site if you want to mod your xbox.
I have a modde xbox, I just go to Blockbuster or Hollywood videos (i payed them around $30 to take two games at the same time)get the games and back them up directly to my xbox. I have around 60 games in my console (I Got Halo 2) i ran out of harddrive (200GB)
I FTP to my computer and saved my backups to my computer hard drive, now I running out of space there to!! How can i back them up to a cd o dvd?? HElp!!
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I use "SimpleXISO" to create an xbox iso then burn the iso using "Padus Discjuggler" or Nero. Make sure you use
DVD-R media.
are u saying that to use that xbox tools thing to copy the iso file onto my hardrive, i need to mod my xbox?
wookie356, What are you telling me? Burn the ISO all together with the backup game into one folder to a dvd media?? Please Help!
noo hes saying he makes an XISO and burns it using Nero or any other image burning software

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thanks "the_real_".
"Jeycko", you need a modified xbox with a dashboard like EvolutionX or similar to do this.
ok i did it you guys have to explain it better, i didnt understand. SimpleXISO to make the iso out of the back up game in my hard drive. "Prince of persia" no problem size was 2.something GB, perfect for my 4.7GB media, Now "NInja Gaiden" is 5.88GB how can i shrink it or something. Help me, Thanx
Ok let answer it myself, now that i kinow how to burn games bigger than 4.7GB, Just like Ninja Gaiden, Crimson Skies and Halo 2. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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How do I know what version of Xbox I have?

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Yeah. You can ftp the game folder (which is what i would suggest) to the xbox and play the game.
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