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1 Terabyte media server

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The geekiest thing one can ask for Xmas? Niveus A/V Storage Server offers a stunning capacity 1 Terabyte connectable to your home network. How much can you stuff into 1TB? 670,000 high quality photos, 100 hours of HDTV content, 1500h of digital home video, 3330h of lossless compressed music... But better take it easy when you are telling about this to your mom and dad, since this baby has ...

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I think a couple of large capacity zip drives would do the job just as well & at a fraction of the cost, can't really see the need to spend so much money on ONLY 1 terabyte.
My system, 2 hard drives & my zip drive gives me 300gig of storage. Also I can transfer files just in case. Imagine putting all your music & vid files in & it gets corrupted! In fact who the hell would fork out that much for so little. I think somebody is trying to make a lot of money for next to nothing.
I wouldn't get one on principal. Do these manufacturers not realise how knowledgable we all are? Or are we viewed as just plain stupid & will buy anything? Which bonehead gave them an award? Probably an illiterate blindman who has lived in a cave for the past 1000yrs.
Well you asked for my opinion!!
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The storage space is so big it's taking up the whole of my Christmas List... =P
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Pulsar i completely disagree- do the math thats $2.99 a gigabyte- pretty good deal- but even better when you consider that its alot less cumbersome than a bunch of hard drives working together, and if your running a bussiness thats enough for 100 computers. (you dont need much space for individual terminals)
I guess if you are a business then it may make sense, but I still would prefer the flexibility of zip drives. With the way the market goes in the UK, the equivilant cost for 1 terabyte is less than 1150 US dollars. which equates to less than 1dollar 15cents per gig. I do not think the drive on offer at afterdawn is not value for money at all. My basis for comparison is the 250 gig Maxtor USB2 zip drive(HD-031-MD) I would rather have those 4 zips for maximum cost effectiveness. Here is the website I get my bits from,
I realise it is in the UK, but I would imagine you could get a similar deal where you are.
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The drives biggest benifit is its small size plus its quite operation. $3000 does seem a little high but most people wont need to upgrade from one tera by christmas 2005. The possiblity of someone buying another one soon would be unlikely. Anyway, typicaly half of the drive space would be used, the other half would be used for back-up (RAID). Your paying for easy of use. I would give it an award if it came out the box with a RAID 5 configuration and software that maid it as easy to use as a plug-in play device, plus a simple network setup (like connect cable, bundled software does the rest). I think thats what they did and what your asked to pay for.
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I remember my first XT-turbo 640k ram 20 meg hd 1-360 floppy, 1 5.25 floppy. I Thought what will I ever do with all those megs on that hd? A lot more than I'll ever need.....every time I have said "thats' all I'll ever need" , true to moores law in 18 months I needed I believe in Bob's Law, I never Believe in what I Believe...huh?
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anyone know what access speed this uses? or if like it says ''network'', would it be able to transfer data at 1000mbps? Otherwise its not worth it in my opinion...
The reliability and data redundancy are the likely reasons for the higher price. If you have high-output RAID controllers with redundant power supplies, redundant data paths, and other server-class architecture features, you will pay more for the "peace of mind" that the system won't go down easily.
This seems a bit out dated with phillips 300GB optical disc around the corner
They have a 1 TB external HD from Lacie for under a grand, so this isn't worth it.
They have a 1 TB external HD from Lacie for under a grand, so this isn't worth it.
just got that 1 TB LaCie drive for $999. Works fantastic. Has firewire 2 also, but not ethernet.
good god $999!!! I got my 250 gig's for $125 each ... brand new.

an external for $125? what brand is it, and where did you get it? If you have 4 daisy-chained together, I don't think the performance is as good as having 2 500GB drives in a RAID array.

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oh ... no all internal

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$3 per gig, that is crazy. I would rather buy some DVD's and runn of multiple DVD drives. Thats at about $0.25 a GB. Think about that math.

I wont pay more than $1 a gig with Can taxes got my 250Gb for $250 with Can tax (which is a lot). Flip were did you get your 250 for $125, external enclosers are cheap and setup a couple would be nice.
Flip were did you get your 250 for $125
eBay ... all new, sealed.
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hello every one

can i use this as an internet server? i want to make a email server and a website offering 3.5GB to each user for $4 a month. Is it possible to use maybe two or three of these server and hook em up to each other so its 3 terabyte and use it for my purpose? do you guys think that people will sign up for my service that i plan to offer? 3.5GB for $4/month?

People, please give my your feedback.
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