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Beating "Just Business" in GTA San Andreas

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OK, I've read all the posts on this mission and it's clear there are a lot of BSers out there. Beat it on the first try? No you didn't. Pick up the SMG before the bike portion of the mission for more deadly fire? F dat. Doesn't work. You just end up with the friggin uzi again once on the bike. Let's keep it real and post some truth here.

I have tried this mission about 20 times and I'm getting bored. Even when I get into the drainage ditch with zero bike damage, they still explode my bike before I ever get to the gates. I try to hit the drivers of the bikes and even though I have about 750 machine pistol skill it takes a looong, loong time to hit them. I hit the passsengers, sometimes the tires but rarely the driver. Anyone have some good advice? Can you really hold two uzis on the bike if you have Hitman level on the micro SMG? Can you calibrate the controls to make manual targetting easier? Anyone have some trick to beat this be-atch of a mission? Tx

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just try cheating!! max out health R1 R2 L1 X LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP, during gameplay and R1 R2 L1 R2 LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP for selection of weapons.

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The only thing I can say is practise. I tried about 5 times and finally got it. The key, I think, is to aim for the heads of the riders. Having done that, we passed it. Don't worry about the car carrier because you won't damage it. Red herring. Worry ONLY about the bikes.
if you dont wish to cheat,dont aim for heads,aim for the tyres.

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if you do not wish to cheat,dont aim for the heads,aim for the tyres

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just try cheating!! max out health R1 R2 L1 X LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP, during gameplay and R1 R2 L1 R2 LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP for selection of weapons.
If you do that cheat on the "just buisness" mission your bike blows up, so no only get one weapon on that mission btw hursty.
Its a great mission but it takes alot practice OG, took me at least 10 tries before i beat it.
Tip: Do not stop shooting and always aim for the bikers.

worked for me!!!

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I doubt it did hurst...

Um I beat the mission on my second go, with an SMG. And the 2nd time CJ wdnt fire cuz my copy is glitchy. Pausing it and unpausing fixed it though, but I beat it on the 2nd attempt.

I didnt really do that much shooting, on the 2 occasions when u stop and have to shoot cars around you, I didnt, I waited and smoke went on, I only shot at the bikes. Just spray them man, but shoot in front of them so they drive into ur fire.

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ive completed the game and have got 89% so if anyone needs any help just ask n i will do my very best.

ben mcneill
I'm confident enough in my sexuality to admit that this took me shed loads of tries but I got there in the end.
My advice:
In the first shoot out - shoot a few people but before Smoke runs out in to the middle run out there yourself and finish off the rest. You take a few extra hits but the main stumbling block to succeeding is keeping Smoke alive not yourself as the body armour you pick up in this room pretty much guarantees you'll survive. When I was failing it was because Smoke was dying.
In the second shoot out again run ahead of Smoke taking a few bullets on his behalf. This way by the time you get on the bike Smoke will be virtually at full strength still.
Now to the bike part: As every one agrees forget about the car carrier and focus on the bikes, like wise when the cars appear keep focusing on the bikes if there are any.
Aim for the bike rider, it seemed pretty inconsistent to me as to where exactly on him you need to aim, he's harder to hit than the passenger but when you get him you'll take both out.
When you stop aim for the middle of the 3 cars and keep shooting until it goes in flames then it will take the rest out. As soon as it starts to go to flames turn around and aim for the other car until it blows. I might be way off the mark but it seemed to me worth wiping all these cars out as whenever I performed well against these cars the first couple of bikes that came for me afterwards seemed to pretty much blow up all by themselves. Might just be my vivid imagination of course.
Keep going after them bikes, you'll get a Terminator style cut scene with the car carrier crashing over the barrier. Keep going after them bikes.
If you're anything like me it'll be round about now that you repeatedly die. Eventually Smoke will tell you to shoot the gate open. It's off to the right. Shoot vaguely central on the gate as much as possible and then start shooting at the bikes that follow you in. I can proudly boast that I singularly failed to kill any of these last bikers but eventually Smoke announced that we'd lost them and I punched the air like a bit of a sissy.

I'd be interested to know from anyone how you go about changing guns during this mission. By my reckoning it can't be done.

Oh and by the way it didn't really take me loads of tries. I did it first time blindfold whilst learning Russian which means I must have a massive p***s!!

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i take my hat off for u JawSlack well done

ben mcneill
shoot the big trucks tires out in the beggining and just shoot the bikes easily and your done dont have to worry about the truck anymore
Man it took me a couple of tries but its a good mission like many other said.
Lol Jawslack. Alright, thanks all for the tips. I guess I just have to try until I get it. I guess my only remaining question is: Can you get the SMG when you're on the bike? Even when I pick up the SMG after killing the Russians outside (right before the cut scene to the bike portion) I still end up with the uzi once on the bike. If I had the SMG on the bike it would be a whole other enchilada....any thoughts? Tx
Unfortunatly you can not have anything but the uzi.. trust me i tried everything.. looks like were just gonna have to try and try again. if that dont work then we gotta try some more.....

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hey guys just joined da forum :))
man im fuckin stumped on just business lol
any tips plzzzzzzzzzz tx

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hurray !!!!! i did it wit about a millimetre of da bar left at da end lol!!
right guys heres how to do it

4 those of u who r tryin to shoot wit da circle button 4get that cuz its much more comfortable to use da L1 button to shoot

wen u r shoootin da bikes shoot in da general direction of the bike an keep sprayin da gun right to left across the front of the bike thats how i did itguys!!!
wat a great rip-off of terminator lol
well hope dis works 4 ya an if it duz send a message in da forum tellin me tx guys an gals

you guys are talking about the mission where you go into the building w/ smoke and gunfight, then escape on the bike right?
I beat this on my first try. its not that hard. i have a method for killing peeps. I fireand switch targets at the same time, and it works everytime. You gotta remember to take cover iside the building, or else youll get smoked.i remember circling to the right staying close to the edge of the building, hiding behind the pillars.
when escaping, i found shooting the tires or the drivers was the most effective, remember to do your best and aim for gastanks.
that should help.
took me about 5 goes. the only thing to do is practice aiming. shoot em down faster and you're sorted.

shouldnt this topic be on the forums? Since this is basically about gaming and not modding?

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Woo hoo! Beat it!

I did a search for "san andreas machine pistol skill" because I wanted to increase my uzi skill before I tried "Just Business" again (for like the tenth time), and found this thread. I never did increase my machine gun skill though - you don't need to. Everything everyone said above is right, but it still took me three more tries.

Here are my tips on beating this freaking hard mission:

1. Bring a shotgun if you can (I like to get one out of the police station - but you have to shoot your way out and hurry to pay n spray after) - it really blows away the dudes in the first room quickly. Don't forget to get the body armor - it's in the back of the lower level in the first room where one of the guys was hiding. Also grab a machine gun from one of the dead Russians and you'll make quick work of the guys in the next area too.

2. The bike part is loooooong - much longer than you're expecting. You keep thinking "this must be the end" but it isn't, so you really have to avoid damage to the bike early on. Here's a summary:

a. on the road - forget about the truck, aim for the heads of the bike guys

b. pitstop - forget the guys, look to the right and fire away at the middle car, when it catches fire turn to the front and fire at that car's hood until it catches fire

c. into the aqueduct - you're not gonna make it if there's only 50% left on the bike at this point, again, aim for bike guys mainly, the cars take care of themselves for the most part. concentrate on the rear, it's where the bike guys are usually

d. up the ramp - still in the aqueduct, don't let the bike that goes up the other ramp distract you - two bikes come up fast behind you, worry about those

e. back down in the aqueduct - there's still quite a few more bikes behind you, don't worry about anything but bikes, eventually you'll jump a truck and everything will blow up and you'll think you're done, BUT YOU'RE NOT!!!

f. through the alleys - bikes follow close but on the turns there will be barrels that you can shoot and they will take out most of them. make the barrels your priority because they make it much easier.

That's pretty much it - the whole bike part takes about 7 minutes and is super challenging. Use the left thumbstick and try to avoid using the right thumbstick because it messes up your aim. Make sure you hurry back when you pass this mission and save without getting into any trouble - you don't want to have to do this one again. Good luck!
I completed the mission on my second try. Once you get high shooting skill is easier. To get high shooting skill you must take a car to a abandon place(where there are no cops at all). Shot a the tires with the uzi and keep shooting(hold down) the O button. In less than 5 minutes of shooting you will have increased. Do it with every single weapon. And you will have two uzis to shoot with. Hope it helps.
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Hello - i also am seriously stuck on this mission - but i will keep bashing away.

One thing i want to ask though, is once this mission is compleate does it open the rest of the islands ? And if not, when does this happen ?

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