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my dvd shrink doesnt recognize my nero?

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after the inital analylis of the movie, there is a little message in red letter says "quote" to enable burning please install nero?? I already have nero, i,ve always had nero, i used dvd shrink for 6 months with it automaticly going into the burn process, I originally thought dvd shrink was the burning software also, untill i recieved this message? how would i change the burning program it chooses to use, lets say i use roxio to burn? i have that already installed on my computer. or will i have to uninstall nero and then reinstall it, hopeing dvd shrink sees it? thanks for any help to this problem,, I love dvd shrink but i cant use it? i been using Xcopy in the mean time!! plZZZ help.. thanks

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Double check your Nero installation, make sure it's still working and its up to date (version 6). You can also choose to create an ISO and burn with DvDdecrypter as a workaround.

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Hi crashguy, welcome to aD,
I use roxio to burn? I have that already installed on my computer. or will I have to uninstall Nero and then reinstall it, hopeing DVD Shrink sees it?
Roxio is a shelfish whore, she mess everyone else up. Roxio has to go -

As the story goes, on every playground we'll find one or two kids who don't play well with others. All they do is create problems so that no one has fun and nothing ever gets done. Roxio is one such kid. One of the kids he messes with the most is that Nero boy over there -

Lucky for us the Nero kid can do everything that Roxio can do, can do it better and a lot more to boot so, banning Roxio from recess isn't much of a loss at all.

Banning Roxio isn't all that simple, he's into everything BUT, lucky for us, we have a "Roxio Zapper" to simplify our task.
Uninstall Roxio using it's own uninstall proggy OR use the "Add and Remove" Program in your Control Panel. When you're finished with that, run this little "Puppy" to finish the job -

To remove all types of Roxio tentacles and tendrils attack it with the Roxio Zapper -

Find it here:

Once you've done that, reboot your PC to "flush everything out of your PC's system

If you really, truly cannot live without Roxio install it in a different directory, do not install it's "Click and Drag" feature and make sure that Roxio is turned off in msconfig. Also, if you ran it and then wish to work with Nero, PLEASE reboot your system so that Roxio isn't on and waiting to pick a fight with the Nero kid.

It is rare BUT sometimes Nero may have to be reinstalled fresh once again. If that's necessary, stop back and we'll help you with that little chore -

NOW, about DVD Shrink - Go into "tools", "Preferences" then choose the I/O tab and make sure that "Enable burning with Nero" is "ticked".

If Nero still isn't being seen by Shrink then we'll have to do a "Clean" Nero uninstall and then re-install it - If we need to do that, let me know and I'll provide you with the directions for the "Clean" Uninstall -

Stop back anyway and let us know how you make out -



The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
wow! thanks for all the help everyone, this is the first time i've ever used or been part of a forum, and i appreciate your thoughtful response! OK, problem at hand, just to let you know i had these problems with DVD Shrink and Nero before i installed ROXIO. Actually it is the reason I installed ROXIO to begin with. I was looking for a different program to burn with becuase i thought my problem was with Nero, I've been using DVD Shrink Nero combo for some time and all along the way there has been a bug or a problem that i wasnt aware of becuase when everything seemed to be working perfect my movies that I burnt all had error messages in them, they all freeze skip tile, and cant be reburnt or copied due to an error message that reads redundancy something? i must have backed up 25 movies this way before i relized there was a problem, I am using RIDATA 4X -R media. then one day outa the blue i got the message top right corner in DVD Shrink says to enable burning please install Nero? when all along I,ve had Nero? I dont have Nero on disc anymore so i am afraid if I delete it i won't beable to reinstall it? so for the mean time i've been using XCOPY then I will use roxio to copy from the xcopy backups. I hope this clears up my problem i am having? plzz keep in mind I am really new to computer's 5 months, someone mentioned in a response here to try to do something with an ISO file? I don't know what or where to find these ISO files? but I am learning fast, thanks to all of you, if this may help, my system info is.. Pentium 4 (3.2) duel tandom hard drives 120 gig each, 240gig total,, 1gig of ram ..XP pro home built by a friend. about all I know. thank you very much! Bob

scubapete, you sure have a way with words! and i enjoy reading your responses, not just here but all over this forum! Just to let you know I did go into the I/O tab in preferences in DVD Shrink and that tab is checked to enable burning with Nero. Hmm? do you think If I uncheck that square to burn with Nero, roxio will take over automaticly? just thought of that now, as i am writing this. thanks.. Bob

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ScubaPete: Thanks for the assist bud! I totally missed the part about him having Roxio, thats what happens when you rush things haha.

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I have had this prob before and fixed by uninstalling Nero, then downloading it again. dvdshrink picked it up and started working again. you might want to uninstall roxio before installing Nero again though.


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If I uncheck that square to burn with Nero, roxio will take over automaticly?
To help you out with your education may I suggest 2 things as they've crossed my mind ?

First, whenever you begin to use a program start off be reading the tutorial / guide so you know something about what you're using ?

FYI, if you did it here, you would find out - right off the bat, that DVD Shrink works "automatically" with Nero, DVD Decrypter and CopyToDVD and not just any old proggy you have lying around - The answer to your question if you haven't gotten it is; - NO, it won't work.
I don't know what or where to find these ISO files?
Suggestion 2.
At the top of every page are 2 very cool places, the first is the Glossary, where you can find out all about ISO images (files don't really apply) and the proggy DVD Decrypter was used and, if you used the other kweel tool we have here called a Search function. It's loaded with stuff that covers your question - Here, I'll show you how to use it -
Now the following is a little confusing so stick with me ~ ~> There is a box at the top of each page that is empty and has the word "Search" printed by it. By typing in a request, in your case, "DVD Decrypter" - It should give you some associated material found throughout the forums. Pple who are asking the same or similar questions and answers to those questions. Some stuff you can use, some stuff you cannot :<(- Take a lQQk around and see if something applies. You with me up till now ? Good ! Now, after you've arrived at that page, if you can't find what you want then, in some very small print, under the heading "FORUMS", then under that "FORUM SEARCH", you'll see "Search options" then "Site-wide search". Heh, heh, Ya still with me ? Yea, I know it's messed up - Anyway, by "clicking" on that "Site-wide search", you'll get a whole ton of Guides and related information about your topic, " DVD Decrypter ". I'm sorry it's so "round about" but we do have a lot of information for you :)

Browse on through that and, if you get stuck using a guide just stop on back and we'll try to help you over whatever "bump" in the road you've hit or are having trouble with we'll try to help you get over it -
had error messages in them, they all freeze skip tile, and cant be reburnt or copied due to an error message that reads redundancy something?
I find the fact that you've had this result using Ritek G04's mind-boolgling to say the least - the only explaination might be - that your discs are pirate discs.not all that uncommon. Try checking them with DVD Identifier -

Also dial back your edit, preferences select target size to custom and put 4300MB there. In Nero, After you've finished re-doing it - set your burn speed for your current discs at 2.4X.

Meanwhile, as calhounm suggested, do a clean Nero uninstall. (you can download it from the Internet just insert your S/N)


Though Nero is an excellent program we tend to forget the fact that our friendly Nero program can get "Flaky" at times and then needs to be uninstalled then reinstalled.

If you are going to uninstall Nero you must do a "clean" uninstall.

You must use all of Nero's Clean tools in order to do the job correctly.

They can all be found here:

General Clean tool
Registry cleaner and driver cleaner
InCD Clean tool

When you reinstall Nero 6 DO NOT install InCD OR if you do, turn it off in msconfig (better to not install it) it can and does cause problems with other proggys.

When installing and uninstalling programs it's a good practice complete the operation with a PC reboot. It only takes a minute, help it can, hurt it won't.

Whenever you're uninstalling a program, it's a good practice to reboot your PC (even if it's not called for) to help "Flush" the program out. By the same token, when you install a program, it's a good practice to reboot your PC (even though it doesn't call for it) to help the "New" guy "Settle" it in.

Now that we've done that (I know it's a "Pain" but when it's done correctly the first time and all the steps are followed then we don't have problems AND we don't have to do it all over again.

Let us know how you made out -



No worries at all my friend -

You would never believe how many I mess up BUT I post so much, nobody sees them all (Lol)

Don't stop "jumping in" - you'll see that I don't mind adding things to anyone if I think it will help - Sooo, feel free -

BTW, I've been watching, you're doing OK, keep it up -


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The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
Was just reading this thread with interest. I went to link for clean tools as I thought I might clean and re install Nero. But i read 'also all plugins are removed with this tool'.This warning scares me because I dont know what a plugin is and they are telling me to save, what do I save and where do I save it?
Plug-in's are simply all of the Nero software on your PC such as NVE, Espress, IN-CD, Recode, Nero Media player and so on. Best bet is to completly remove all and re-install. No need to save.

So does that mean I can use the clean tools from Nero without fear of loosing anything that I wont reinstall with the next demo version and all will be right in my the burning world.
Yep! Just install parts 1 and 2 of the Nero download and leave In-CD off. Do Not Load That add on!!

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