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This is how to use Codebreaker cheats on Backup Games!

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Ok, after constant trial and error and constant searching I have sucessfully got the Codebreaker (8.1) cheat device to work on my backup games.

Theoretically this should work for all cheat devices.


Backup Game
Swap Magic DVD
DVDLOADER(For this tutorial I am using the the DVDLOADERv7ALL)


- Put your cheat device in the PS2. For this tutorial I will use Codebreaker.

- Let Codebreaker load. Then Select the cheats you want, and select start game.

-In codebreaker the tray automatically opens, and that is fine. You can disable this in the options menu. When the tray opens or when you open the tray, put in the Swap Magic DVD v2.0. And press X. Swap Magic should load.

-Use the Swap/Fliptop method to load DVDLoader. Then press X.

-When DVDloader loads, press X and choose version5v2 Reboot.

-Then press eject on the PS2 and put in a real PS2 game (DVD), or just put back the Swap Magic DVD in. Now close the tray and press X.

- The Screen will turn red and prompt you to swap to your backup. Use the Fliptop/Swap method to swap to your backup.

-Press X and the game should load with the cheats!

I don't know why but DVDloader is bascially required to use cheats with backups!

Any questions? Post here or PM me!

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cool it work
Is there any way to use a codebreaker backup with a real swap magic 3.3?
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