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New Form Of DVD Copy Protection - Can't Be Ripped!

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Hi all,

Here's a brain teaser for you advanced types. I recently obtained the Oldboy Ultimate Edition, a fancy boxset for the Korean film. On the box it states "COPY CONTROLLED DVD".

Lo and behold, this DVD is resistant to the standard rippers. DVD Shrink doesn't see the movie, just the menus. SmartRipper starts to rip, than hangs with an error. DVD Decrypter starts to rip as well, but runs into a bunch of read errors. My DVD Decrypter log can be seen below.

I tried tweaking some settings in DVD Decrypter (remove PUOs, ignore read errors) and different methods (IFO read / ISO read). No dice.

Unfortunately, if you're the type who wants to pick up a copy and try the challenge yourself, the Ultimate Edition is ~$100. Another version is coming out in a few weeks that's $20, which I assume would be mastered the same way.

Or if you have any suggestions or want to see the IFO file let me know.


I 18:24:32 DVD Decrypter Version started!
I 18:24:32 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 1)
I 18:24:32 Initialising SPTI...
I 18:24:32 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...
I 18:24:32 Found 1 DVD+RW!
I 18:24:54 Operation Started!
I 18:24:54 Source Device: [1:0:0] HL-DT-ST DVD+RW GCA-4040N C111 (D:)
I 18:24:54 Source Media Region Code: 3
I 18:24:54 Source Copyright Protection System Type: None
I 18:24:54 Destination Folder: C:\OLDBOY_DISC1\VIDEO_TS\
I 18:24:54 Detect Mastering Errors: No
I 18:24:54 File Splitting: By File
I 18:24:54 Multi Angle Processing: No
I 18:24:54 Remove Macrovision Protection: Yes
I 18:24:54 Stream Processing: No
I 18:24:56 Copying VTS_01_0.IFO... (LBA: 190885 - 190920) - KEY: N/A
I 18:24:56 Copying VTS_01_1.VOB... (LBA: 315846 - 840132) - KEY: N/A
W 18:24:57 Sector 315846 - Pack Header Not Found (0x00000000)
[shortened to prolong the life of scroll wheels]
E 18:27:44 Failed to read Sector 316272 - Unrecovered Read Error
E 18:27:44 Failed to copy VTS_01_1.VOB!
I 18:27:47 Copying VTS_01_2.VOB... (LBA: 840133 - 1364419) - KEY: N/A
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Just wanted to add: I am able to rip the other VOB files on the disc, but the VTS_01_1.VOB can't be copied.
arent we supposed to beable to make 1 legal copy of the dvd we own? if they put these protections on them, how can we make our copy lol. and if they dont want us to copy the dvd's, why dont they stop making the burners lol.
I 18:24:32 DVD Decrypter Version started!
You try using the newest DVD Decrypter v3.2.5.10?

Have you tried AnyDVD? You can use the full version free for 21 days.

Think your asertation will eventually be shown to be wrong. Many others have made similar claims only to be disproved.

There are many workarounds and to date I am yet to see any verified accounts of a DVD that cannot by copied.

Why anyone would expend $100 on a Korean movie stretches the imagination.
I don't doubt that this type of protection can be defeated. It's just that I can't!

It looks as though the disc is using Sony's ARccOS protection. CloneDVD2/AnyDVD didn't work. I was able to copy it to a hard drive after upgrading to the latest version of DVD Decrypter, using the File Mode with Software Read Error Retries set to 1. Even with that, it took an hour and a half to rip the first VOB (usually I can rip the whole film in 20 minutes).

My problem now is that the IFO file has carried forward the protection, so I can't compress the files with DVDShrink. I'm going to try VOBBlanker on this next.

As far as why anyone would expend $100 on a Korean movie, please allow me to stretch your imagination - the numbered set contains 4 discs in custom digipacks stored in a handmade copper case, a hardback picture book with attached storyboard flipbook, and three film cels. Only 2,700 were made. Images are here:

The film itself, Oldboy, won the Jury Prize at Cannes and it's currently #121 on IMDB's Top 250 films, which means it's rated higher than Ben-hur, Back To The Future, and Brazil. I don't expect that to last, but it gives you some indication of its popularity.
funny you say it's higher than the movies you mentioned ... I've never heard of the dvd.

but then again, it could be because I'm in the U.S.
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One word my friend "ANYDVD" it has descrambled every dvd I have ever put in my computer and does it with in seconds, usually less than 10 seconds. It also creates a key so that if you ever put that movie in again it retrieves the key again from the archive. :)

If you have legs, you will never be blocking a fire exit.
If you read closely, you'll see this.....
CloneDVD2/AnyDVD didn't work

It looks like the disc is using Alpha-ROM copy-protection by Settec. More info here...

Still having trouble making a copy. I can decrypt to my hard drive, but nothing I've used can compress the files.

flip218, I'm in the US, too. I think you'll be hearing a lot about Oldboy in the future. Quentin Tarantino's a big fan, it's going to be released in the US next year, and Hollywood's doing a remake.
Will most likely check it out .. I'm a big Tarantino fan. I like all of his movies except From Dusk to Dawn (I think that's what it was called)


If you "Tweak" DVD Decrypter you shouldn't have any trouble.

I'd like you to check your DVD Decrypter's settings. First, it should be version Go to "Tools", "Settings", set everything to "Default". Then in the "General" tab change, "Removal Method" from "Normal" to "Aggressive", in "File Mode", "tick" Remove IFO/BUP PUO's." For ripping in the "ISO, Read Mode", "tick" "Remove IFO/BUP PUO's" there also. in the "CSS" tab, under "CSS Cracking Method", choose "Brute Force ~> I/O Key Exchange" and "On Failure" choose "Yes". . IMPORTANT: In the "I / O" tab, in the bottom right, "tick" the box which says, "Ignore read errors". This is an excellent setting for dealing with lightly scratched discs which may cause ripping problems.

Under "Mode" we have a choice of either File or ISO Read to rip our DVD. The main page S/B self explanatory - Now, go rip our happy heart out - :)

Take it out for a "spin" around the block, Check under the hood, Kick the tires and climb inside and smell that "New DVD Decrypter" "smell". Go home, talk it over with the wife and, if you feel in the morning the way you do now, come back and I'll put you behind the wheel of a Brand new DVD Decrypter at a price so low, you'll think it was free. Huuummm, come to think about it, it is FREE - Well, What are you waiting for ?

Remember to stop back and tell me how you feel about it once you've put some "mileage" on it -

HINT: If you are going to burn with DVD Decrypter, DON'T FORGET TO - go back to DVD Decrypter after ripping, to reset the "Mode" from "File" to "ISO - Write".

The 2 proggys that can rip the ARccOS encryption are AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter with the above settings -



The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
Dear Scuba Pete:

First off, thank you for your help. I have the final edition of OLDBOY, Korean region 3, which has the same kind of protection that Ehonauer OLDBOY ultimate edition has. I tried the same programs he did, with exactly the same results. I followed your settings for DVD Decrypter to the letter, but the ripping process fails (this time I get a CIRC unrecovered error at 3% and it keeps trying forever without success). Interestingly, I also have the Korean region 3 special edition of OLDBOY and it backed up perfectly with CloneDVD2 and Anydvd. Thanks for any help (BTW I used the latest versions of Decrypter, CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD).
Hi all,

I'm happy to report I was able to succesfully copy Oldboy UE.

1) Use DVDShrink 3.2.
2) Select Full Disc backup option
3) Deselect all audio on the menus, and set the compression for the menus to "Still Pictures"
4) Go into the "Unreferenced Material" subtree and deselect the commentaries and Korean subtitle tracks.

After that, the Automatic Compression should be 78%, which will be a decent copy.

The disc is using Alpha-DVD protection from Settec, a South Koren company that used to be part of LG.

I was able to backup using dvdshrink and dvddecrypter, using the same method ehonauer used. The only drawback is that you have to keep the menus, because dvdshrink does not "see" the movie file, so the program will not let you get rid of the menus altogether. You have to save them "as picture" to reduce their size, and during playback you have to see a framegrab taken every half a second of the menus to access the movie. Even after burning this backup and playing it back on a tabletop dvd player, CloneDVD2 and Anydvd still cannot decrypt the files, whether from the HDD or from the newly burned in dvd. It's a bit of a pain in the ass because the the disc has motion menus that fade in from black and it takes a few seconds for the framegrabs to play so that the option to play the movie finally comes on. I really wish we could get CloneDVD2 and Anydvd to work with this one...

I assume you are having the same problem during playback, ehonauer? meaning the menus playing back slowly is a normal feature when selecting "picture" in dvdshrink?


Dear ehonauer: were you able to implement the psl file lighting UK sent you? he did not post it, so I could not try it myself. It would be great if we can get rid of those pesky menus after all...
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I didn't see the menus as a problem, really. When playing the DVD copy, you just have to wait a couple seconds for the menus to fade in, then select the feature - not really any different than the real disc! IIRC the DVDShrink developers are adding the capability to use the Reauthor mode on unreferenced material, which would do what you're hoping for.

I'm happy with the copy I had from DVDShrink, I'm just helping Lightning UK to work out the Alpha-DVD protection scheme. I'll let you know how I make out with the PSL, though.
I see. I usually remove all the menus so that I can get right to the movie, that's why. It would be nice if the PSL file works correctly with Decrypter so that I can use CloneDVD2. Thanks for letting me know.
The PSL allowed me to rip an ISO image of the DVD to the hard drive, but I was still unable to Reauthor using DVDShrink (and I assume you'd still have a problem with CloneDVD2). Although the PSL allowed me to copy the DVD to my hard drive, it transferred the copy protection along with it. I was able to view the DVD by mounting the ISO file as an image with Daemon Tools, but when I tried to copy a VOB using ISOBuster, I received an error (which just told me it couldn't copy the file - I assume this was because of the cyclical redundancy check error).

I know Lightning UK's outlook is if you copied the DVD to your hard drive, then DVD Decrypter has worked successfully. If you can't compress or burn a copy, that's somebody else's problem. I'm not sure how responsive CloneDVD2's developers are, you may want to let them know the problems you're experiencing.
I see...we are having the same problems over and over again. I have been posting my problem with OLDBOY final (which uses the same protection used in the ultimate edition) over at the Anydvd forum. CloneDVD2 really has nothing to do with this, since it only works to backup/compress decrypted files. Anydvd, which as you know works in the background, is the one we need to work with this title. You can check my thread here:

I will keep this thread updated with any progress I find.

BTW, I just watched OLDBOY for the eighth time. Did you get the part at the end of the film when he sees the footprints in the snow and begins to smile? Meaning that he is the monster that made it back, not the normal one. Disturbingly beautiful!

CONGRATS to you both :)

So nice to feel un-needed -

all I can say is . . . Burn on . . . .


Just a quick update: Olli knows about this new protection. Hopefully a solution will be found.

SUBJECT: Sony's ARccOS encryption

As of this posting:

AnyDVD (beta ver.)($$$$) This "Driver-type" program has been up-dated to decrypt this encryption. 100% effective.

DVD Decrypter (01/05/05 release)(Freeware) This Decryption / Burning program has been up-dated to decrypt this encryption. 100% effective.

VOBBlanker (Freeware) has limited success with this encryption.

Hopefully this will help some of those who continue to post without taking the time to read any of the numerous threads concerning this "Unbreakable" encryption.

Like the Ad says, RIF (reading is fundemental).

The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
They will order a disc of OLDBOY to examine the Settec Alpha-DVD protection being used. Apparently, Alpha-DVD protection is conceptually identical to Sony Arccos, but implemented in a different way; this is why Anydvd and Decrypter are having trouble with it. As it was already pointed out, Dvdshrink has succeeded (albeit forcing you to keep menus).

I'll order OLDBOY and do a complete check -

(I sure hope the movie is worth it - recently it seems I've been ordering DVD's more for their encryption than for the movie's content. I'm glad that to date, those movies haven't been too bad :)


Pete :)

(Huuuuummmm, I've found no disc by that name anywhere -

Is that the complete name ?

Something else I should look under ?


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