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Problem with newest version of Nero Recode (Nero Recode )

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Hi. I just updated to the latest Nero Recode and the opening menu is now missing the choice to recode to mp4 (Nero Digital) format. Anybody know what's going on with this?

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Sometimes Nero get's a little "Doddgy", uninstall Nero (a Clean uninstall) then reinstall and you should be fine.

Though Nero is an excellent program we tend to forget the fact that our friendly Nero program can get "Flaky" at times and then needs to be uninstalled then reinstalled.

If you are going to uninstall Nero you must do a "clean" uninstall.

You must use all of Nero's Clean tools in order to do the job correctly.

They can all be found here:

General Clean tool
Registry cleaner and driver cleaner
InCD Clean tool

When you reinstall Nero 6 DO NOT install InCD OR if you do, turn it off in msconfig (better to not install it) it can and does cause problems with other proggys.

When installing and uninstalling programs it's a good practice complete the operation with a PC reboot. It only takes a minute, help it can, hurt it won't.

Whenever you're uninstalling a program, it's a good practice to reboot your PC (even if it's not called for) to help "Flush" the program out. By the same token, when you install a program, it's a good practice to reboot your PC (even though it doesn't call for it) to help the "New" guy "Settle" it in.

Now that we've done that (I know it's a "Pain" but when it's done correctly the first time and all the steps are followed then we don't have problems AND we don't have to do it all over again.

as a last note, of all the pple I know that have had to redo Nero for one reason or another, once they've done a "clean uninstall" then put it back, it has worked flawlessly from then on, no matter what -

Anyway, the choice is yours,


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The Old Man Pete ()

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Thanks very much for the detailed answer. I'll try that soon. HAGO :)
I hope someone has found an answer to solving the missing digital part of the recode by menu now. Seems strange to me. I have tried the removing tools and starting over & as yet, to no avail....Anyone with anymore suggestions? Thanks so much.
I too see the same problem. All options available expecpt for Mp4 encoding.

Did you get a fix?

What should you do if you need to just reinstall a part of Nero other than Nero 6? For instance, Nero Vision Express. ;) Should you uninstall all parts of Nero 6, run the clean tools you mentioned, and then reinstall everything?

I ask because I was thinking about that other thread I had posted the NVE thing in. When I said a virgin system, it was the factory default partition, which contained a version of Nero, now that I think about it. So, installing might not have been a virgin install.

So, installing might not have been a virgin install.
Might not . . .

You have to have Nero's base system to install NeroVision -



I'll try to remember the next time I restore the virgin system to uninstall the older Nero OEM first and use the cleaner utils. Then, install the latest Nero and then NVE.
I am still getting nowhere. I have used the cleaner toold but to no avail :( Still no mp4 option. I can howegeer, make AAC audio only cd's and dvd
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u need to activate Nero digital universal plugin in Nero start smart with a valid serial.

Signature...... Bole To ??
I tried the cleaning tools and I got LESS than nowhere! The first tool always detected Nero was installed even when it wasn't. The driver cleaner always showed two drivers CDL_ something, I think, were always there despite repeated runs. Registry Checker never even ran. Just did nothing after double clicking. Lastly, whatever happened messed up something so that every time I moved a file in Windows Explorer, Windows Installer wanted to install something, but, never did anything other than the Please Wait screen.

Good thing I know well enough to try these things AFTER taking drive images. ;) Anyway, I ran the tools and reinstalled the main app ( and the latest 01-10-2005 NVE release, but, the problem's still there. Going to try at the basest level next. :> Pure Win XP SP 1 2002 Edition with neither Nero nor Alcohol installed, then install Alcohol and Nero. If it's still that way then, even on SP 1, nowhere else I can go but to stick with the older, working versions would be my suggestion.
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Hi! I had the same problem. Just enter this serial for Nero digital plugin. 1A4A-0809-9030-2426-0769-2725
But I have a new problem! the subtitles option is not available in Nero digital!. What happen?

A quick question -

Does your Nero work and you just can't find a program OR Nero isn't working ?

If it works BUT you just cannot find subtitles option than uninstall it, reboot then reinstall and see if you have it then -

If we cannot solve your problem quickly, we have a Nero expert I can send over to help BUT let's see if we can do it first, OK


The Old Man Pete ()

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Potro, which problem were you referring to?

Plus, you might want to edit that post to remove the serial number. ;) Those types of things are likely to earn you a Stooge slap from a moderator.
yes i have a problem with recode 2 !! it shows up listed under neros info tools when i run that !! it does not show up under applications when i load Nero! it is in the folder under ahead but when i open and click on shortcut it comes up and says i havnt liscense to run this program!! have not needed it so i dont know if it was in Nero 6.3 or not
but its not there in 6.605 or 6.6.06
i have a legal copy and serial for Nero and dont know if i need or could use it! i have shrink,anydvd and dvdencrypter and Nero seems fine w/out it!!!!!!!!
Nero's Recode2 works very much the same as DVD Shrink - THE BIG DIFFERENCE being, when you are finished with Recode2 you still have working menus. Very nice that is - - -

In order to find Recode2 without any problem, let's go to "Start", "All Programs," "Nero," then "NeroVision Express 3", then "Recode". Double-click Recode. Excellent ! you have arrived.

I use Recode2 quite a bit soooooo what I did was to locate Recode as shown above then I right-clicked it and selected "create shortcut." With that accomplished, I dragged onto my Desktop where I can get to it instantly :)


For a while, the thing I had seen that Recode had over Shrink was it allowed one to replace a video stream with a single color. This reduced the file sizes of unneeded material and let it available for better video quality rates. All it or Shrink need to do now is what VOB Blanker and DVDReMake do: delete the streams all together. I mean, if DVD X Copy could do it... and 321 released the never worked right Platinum... ;)

Interseting, verrrry interesting . . .

Sounds like you've set yourself a task dbminter . . .

We'll indeed be in good shape when you're done . . .

Now about that loss of menu thingie that happens when you use re-author in DVD Shrink . . . If Recode2 could get it right . . . .


Pardon me but dbminter, while you're there . . .

Would you mind . . . .

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The Old Man Pete ()

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Um... I would, but... I've no idea what you're talking about Scuba! LOL
Scuba it wasnt listed there either so ill try to update again but im not sure its worth a complete uninstall and clean tool process for recode!!
i love this site, i found this forum on google. this forum helped me fix the Nero recode crash by unistalling nve 3 and installing NVE you guys rock!
Well thanks there eddieb961, and welcome to aD

I guess it was worth it to bring this thread out of retirement to tell us that -

We always like hearing positive things about aD ~

Since you were so nice to tell us that, click on my sig and check out a plethora of burning recipes on the ScubaPete page. It will give you a chance to learn a new way or two to fry a DVD disc.



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