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How do I make an mpeg or wmv file from my video_ts files

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I know most people want to do just the opposite of what I want to do.

I'm trying to make a wmv movie clip (or a QuickTime clip)to send to some friends. I have created the clip using DVD Shrink's re-authoring tools. The clip plays great within DVD Shrink. However, it's in DVD format. All the files are in my VIDEO_TS folder. There's no files in the AUDIO_TS folder. The clip has both audio and video, so the audio is in one of the video files.

Here's the files in my VIDEO_TS folder:

How can I create a Windows (wmv) or QuickTime (mov) video clip? There's got to be some software somewhere that will do it! Sheesh, I've been searching all morning and yesterday too. All I have been able to come up with is how to go the other way, from WMV to DVD.

I've downloaded a ton of programs, but I haven't tried all of them because I'm not sure what the heck I'm doing. I mean, would I be ripping, reverse ripping, none of the above, or what?

Thanks for any help. I'm very frustrated!!
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LQQking around I found this as a reason you cannot rip from a DVD -

Audio_TS folders are for DVD-Audio files, not DVD-Video files, and are totally different. They use a so far uncracked copy protection method, as well as an encoding format called MLP most of the time, and there are no MLP stream rippers either - IF you could Demux the AOB fioles, and IF you could break the CP. There are 3 reasons for you right off the bat.

As to the difference - AOB (Audio_TS) content is generally either 24/96 or 24/192 stereo, plus 24/96 surround - in PCM audio encoded to MLP which is lossless, so is way superior to Dolby Digital or DTS lossy compression audio found in the Video_TS.

Video_TS is DVD-Video. Audio_TS is DVD-Audio.
Main difference between the two formats is DVD-V is video favoured - the audio files are secondary, and in DVD-A the audio is dominant, and any graphic files (there do not even need to be any graphical files) take a back seat.

It is easy to rip AC3 (Dolby Digital), DTS or PCM from the Video_TS folder. There are several apps out there that do this.
There are none that will rip DVD-A.

And personally, I hope it stays that way, although I doubt that it will. It is going to be seriously difficult for this to be done, even though WinDVD will now decode DVD-A, it cannot rip it.

I found this. I believe when you get it down to Divx you can then seperate the Audio -

I ran out of time but here are a few proggys that should help you do your job.
(It will say "Search again" but just scroll down. If the link isn't working, use "search, site-wide" with the words, DVD to AC3 and checkout Gordian Knot - :)

Let me know what ones you used and which did the job easiest so I'll know in the future -



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The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
Thanks Pete. I've been at this all day (all week) and I was able to make a nice video clip in both mpg and wmv format using good old FlasKMPEG and another run of the mill program called Easy Video Converter.

Now my problem is separating the VOB files on a DVD with multiple sessions. These DVDs were all recorded on a stand-alone unit from video tapes, and DVD Shrink will only display the "last" session.

For example, the files in my VIDEO_TS folder are:


The only video (and audio) DVD Shrink recognizes is the last one, VTS_01_5.VOB. So at this point I'm stuck on how to "merge" the VOBs into one file, or edit them separately. Either way is OK with me.

These are totally non-copyrighted files recorded from home videos on a stand-alone DVD recorder.

FlasKMPEG works great on files re-authored by DVD Shrink. The problem now is getting DVD Shrink to see more than just the last VOB.

Thanks again, and I will try your suggestions tomorrow. It's late and I'm beat, and I also have a doctor appointment tomorrow. If you come up with anything else or questions, please let me know. I expect to be back in about 24 hours!
Oh yeah, I better tell you just what I'm dealing with here.

These DVDs were made with a CyberHome 1500 stand-alone recorder. It's junk, and I have filed complaints with four agencies. If anyone is considering a stand-alone unit to convert home videos to DVDs, I would NOT recommend anything CyberCrap distributes (oops, I mean CyberHome).

Anyway, back on topic, these DVDs have three folders (or "sub-folders"). I'm an old DOS guy, and we used to call them "directories" and "sub-directories," but I better stick with "folders." The "root" folder is SONATA, which appears to be the default root folder for all DVDs recorded on a CyberCrap (oops, I mean CyberHome) 1500 stand-alone DVD recorder.

These folders are AUDIO_TS, VIDEO_RM, and VIDEO_TS.

Here's the files in each folder on one DVD+R I'm dealing with.

Folder AUDIO_TS is empty. However, there is Dolby audio on the DVD, presumably in the VOB files.

Folder VIDEO_RM has the following files:

Folder VIDEO_TS has these files:

As I mentioned, DVD Shrink will only see the last VOB file, VTS_01_5.VOB in this case. Unfortunately, I have no idea how the index (or whatever it might be called) works on these DVDs. Just another reminder, this "should" be an easy task since I'm not dealing with copyrighted or commercial DVDs. Commercial DVDs are easy; home DVDs are a b__tch!

Oh, BTW, I've tried renaming the VOB files and that doesn't work either.
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Here we go,

As I understand it, you were trying to get the "sound" from the DVD and NOT a "quicktime MOV" is that correct ?

This may be your ticket - and it seems simple enough -

If you're trying to get a film clip in MPEG format, try TMPGEnc -

If I'm not understanding your project, break it down for me again -


The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
Thanks Pete. Been a long day and no time for a couple of days to to exepriment.

However, what I want is to make Quicktime or Wndows (wmv) clips from my DVDs with BOTH video and audio from my DVDs recorded on my stand-alone.

The DVDs I have recorded on my CyberHome recorder do not have anything in the AUDIO_TS folders. I know this is confusing, but if I use DVD Shrink (re-author or otherwise), only the last VOB file on a DVD is seen by DVD Shrink, and it has audio. In my previous post, the only VOB file that Shrink will recognize is the last one.

I'm tired and "brain dead." If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. I will also check out the links you sent in a couple of days.

Happy Holidays and thanks for your help this far. My problem is kind of the "opposite" of most people. I want to create movie clips from DVDs, not vice-versa.


Got ya Leo,

Season'e Greetings my friend -

I think I'll rest a bit myself -


The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
Pete, I was finally able to create my video clips using FlaskMPEG to convert to AVI, and then convert to WMV from another program trial version, called "Easy Video Converter"

I don't think this will interest most people here at Afterdawn, but thought I would post it anyway.

This is probably the wrong forum, but anyone know a better program than old FlaskMPEG that will accomplish the same thing?

Season's Greetings to all.
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So glad you found it on your own - I was way out of air on that one -

Now that you're doing well, that doesn't mean it's time for you to up and Ski-dattle - this is a give and take kind of a deal - we had fun helping you, now, the next time, you get to have some fun yourself :)

It's people like you who make this site work - You've seen how we work and you've seen that we had fun doing it - Now it's your turn, stop back when you're free and help someone else - You'll have fun and, a chance to learn some more, (teaching is a learning experience too you know) the people you help will appreciate it and it will make you feel better :-)

Then you'll have a chance to "Welcome" them into our little Club :D

Take a few minutes and check out our opening page. We've got a ton"O"stuff here at aD Checkout other forums, we have the "Safety Valve" a forum about anything from "What's bugging you," "Where members come from" OR the best joke you've heard OR, check out our forums on Digital Camcorders, Photography, Home Theater components, Games, p2p topics or even Cellular phones.

We hope to see you around when you're NOT having problems to solve -

You'll find us hanging out, over there by the water cooler, under the potted palm, chewing the fat and trying to help the next Newbie with the weight of the burning world upon their shoulders -

We'll be lQQking for you -

Sea ya soon,

Pete :b)

The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
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