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Hey whats up you guys Im T-spartan the biggest thing since mike tyson.

San Andreas is a great game in my opinion but Im not done with it yet. I forgot how to rob houses so can anyone tell me. I also heard a rumor that you could go to Liberty city.
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Ya,you can go to liberty city but only to saint marks bistro.It's a mission.
About the house robbing.I cant find the vehicle you need to rob the houses.Anyhow,you need the vehicle you had during the house robbing mission if you remember that.It's some sort of a black van.
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You can rob houses by going and getting the Big Black Box Van. Then just pick a house at night time and bamo u can rob the shit out of them. Hope this helps.
Does any one know why none of the planes in san fierro and in las venturas are locked. I keep trying to open them but doesnt work plus can you fly to liberty city when your not doing a mission?

This is T-spartan, Peace out!
Don't know about your planes.My planes are open.
About liberty city.I tried flying in the direction where the mission blip was.Flied for about 30 minutes.Nothing happens.Besides,it's a pain in the butt flying back again.
Is it possible that I need my flight level to be higher to go in those planes. And where exacly is the van needed to do robberies located at.
Dont know about the flight level.I made the ones needed to get in to an airport only.
Haven't found the van and if/when i do find it i want to kill it.
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what's up everyone, it looks like everyone is having plane trouble and trouble finding the burgular truck. Well a while back I was having the same problems. The only way the planes will be open is if you beat mostly all of Moreno's Mission in the desert area of los venturas. Yes, you probably jump over the security building at the airport to get past the gates, I know I always did, but before you can fly the better choppers and planes, you need to beat those missions. Now for the truck, I never could find it at first but now I know exactly how to get to it, firstly you have beat the mission where you rob an old guys house with Rider. Then the truck will be avalible. The trucks are located in many places but the easiest one to find is in los santos. here's how you get to it. Start at groove st. Continue driving from Cj's house and drive under the first bridge. Stop at the first stop light and go left.Keep all the way straight until you hit blue apartment buildings. there are a few columns of apartments, look through them all until you see the black truck. :) If anyone knows or ever finds out a cheat code to change your character please post it!
Cool.It's a tough game but i did my last mission yesterday.Now i only have the "sidemissions" left.
Good luck to you all. *off*
To open the planes at the airports you have to pass all of flying school then you can use the planes.

For the truck for robbing houses it is in the blue apartments near grove street.
Just go out of your street through the alleyway and across the road.

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Hey whats up Im back again

Thanks for the feedback but what type of special features do you get once you beat the game.
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is going to liberty city a proper part of a proper mission ??? are you actually supposed to go to liberty city???

an if u can go to liberty city i dont thinks its a blip cuz how wud da information 4 liberty city get on the disk ???

it is part of the "main story line missions" i did it yesterday, you just goto the restraunt on the hill thing kill people then you leave. its not like you get to walk around just kill about 15 people then leave
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Hi all, is there an invincibility cheat for San Andreas? One that lasts through damage without having to re-enter after getting hurt.

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is the guy you play in gta3(liberty city) tommy vercetti or this claude guy .???

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i really like san andreas its so big and there are so many things to do and go to,im in los santos again doing mission for the last time and taking back the hood.has anyone noticed that if you play sand andreas a lot imean a hell of a lot since the day you bought it ,that your game keeps freezing,my game is so scratched up i need to buy a new one.

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there are 177 vehicles on san andreas and thats quiet a lot,my favourite car is the infrenus from the sports section.oh and by the way who finds that the game is impossible to finish 100percent without the strategy quide book,its such a helpfull book.

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i just love going sky high on san andreas and then jumping out the plane and parachuting in,once its so rare and lucky right "my circle button got jammed and didnt work and it was unbelivable i landed in a swimming pool and survived IN A SWIMMING POOl! for god sakes,i guess its kinda unrealistic but its still well good and an amazing game.
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I am currently borrowing my friends copy of GTA: SA, and I don't know how to play really, so I've been going around and killing random people which has gotten quite old. Anyways, help me out here, how do I find missions, how do I go into buildings, whats the funnest thing to do besides spawn a monster truck and run over random cars?
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usually what you first do when you get san andreas is play around anyway,but what you need to do is go to your savepoint the house,and do a few mission so you can open up the gym and tattoo parlor and barber shops and then it will be more fun,especially when you get to the countryside its even better because you have some of the map opened up,but what you could do now that your quiet used to the game is do the mission and here are a few fun things to do in los santos:
1.i know the airports dont open but in los santos the airport has a short wall at one point so find that short wall park a car next to it and jump over to the planes. could also go travelling near the north of los santos where vinewood is and all those little tiny colourfull houses owned by the desperados gang.
3.when you get the countryside opened up the best thing to do for fun is ride or walk up the big mountain up there you will find a parachute which you can jump of the mountain with.

riding the bike off the ramp is fun too! :P

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(the ramp on top of get soo much height!!!)

CPU - AMD Athlon64 3200+
GPU - XFX GeForce 6600GT
RAM - 768mb
MB -ASRock 939 Dual-SATA2
HDD - Maxtor 80gb 7200rpm
I know what some of you might try to do, get a Semi trailor (a linerunner i think its called) find a trailor, and try drive it up that big hill your talking about, without damaging it. its challenging. and then u can go and jump off the edge with the linerunner :D, its so funny to watch it bounce down the side of the hill, haha
The van For burlaries is just by the gym when you first start the game
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