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JVC introduces a hybrid Blu-Ray/DVD-9 disc

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The war between the Blu-Ray camp and the companies supporting the HD-DVD doesn't seem to take holidays. Just recently, the HD-DVD camp introduced a hybrid DVD/HD-DVD disc that could store both, standard "old-fashioned" DVD material (upto 4.38GB) and also 15GB of HD-DVD material on a separate HD-DVD layer and thus could be used also with current generation of DVD players. Now, JVC has ...

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This is another Worm storage drive. The data storage
can never reach hard drive density or cost.

The only optical storage that has infinite read/write
like a hard drive is Colossal Storage drive.

This is another confusing format that we must contend
with as users. Investing more money in products that
look to be obsolete in a few years.
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of course optical storage can never reach the capacity that hard drives are at now...they're two totally different formats!

And I think this blu-ray/DVD-9 combo is awesome. I'm supporting blu-ray over hd-dvd, mainly cause I like Sony alot and think blu-ray is a great optical storage format, but this dual layer dvd and blu-ray will definately help them get an edge over hd-dvd. Way to go JVC! Now you just need to team up with Sony and mass produce it.
This Blu-Ray/HD-DVD format war is bad for everybody. Wouldn't plain old greed dictate that one agreed on standard will make consumers more confident and thus make mfgrs more money? Oh... I forgot, it's not just about money, it's power and CONTROL. IMHO, don't buy ANY of it until the dust settles. Let the bastards sit on their incompatable crap.
It seems to be that the HD-DVD/BluRay hype is a bit premature purely because they're both not that big a step up from the DVDs we already know and love.
Surely the big electronics companies can do better than double or triple DVD capacity. Why introduce a new format which is only a bit better than the current one?! We seem to be able to get everything we want on a single DVD disc, and there aren't many people complaining that 4.7Gb is too small, so why not wait until the capacity has reached something A LOT better than DVD? If we're not careful we'll get Blu-ray and HD-DVD and then a year or two later we'll get the much better "HD Blu-ray", or whatever, which is probably in development right now anyway. Or is it just me?!
I for one am supporting Blu-Ray no matter what. It can hold more than HD-DVD and, yeah, I like Sony more than Microsoft, not surprising. One thing they could do, is just make everything compatible with both kinds. But no, that wouldn't let one of them monopolize the whole industry like they want to. Just like VHS vs. Betamax. The lesser format will probably win, just because they will advertise to the general public in a better way. The greater format will slip into obscurity until nobody even remembers it. It seems fairly inevitable that this will happen, but I am still hoping Blu-Ray will become 'the standard.'
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