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Resident Evil: Apocalypse

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I just went out and bought the new Resident Evil movie and am now fighting trying to make a back up? I have had much success making back ups with all my programs(DVDXcopy, Shrink, Decrypter......) until this movie? Is there some new block on this disc that somebody knows about? Is there another software that will back up this title? Holla back!
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There was a bunch of posts about this problem before. I was told to download VOB Blanker and then go into DVD Shrink. It took alittle time but it worked and I know now have RE: Apocalypse.

bro trust me when i tell you the voblanker prog. and dvdshrink is all you need i made a perfect backup of my resident evil 2 apocalypse if you need simple directions on how to work the two programs let me know i'll help you

copy protection baaah!!!!
Say I could use some info on VOB, I mainly use Shrink and DVDXCopy Platinum and never have had a reason to use VOB. So I could use some advice.
You can go down load the trial version of Super DVD Copy and back it up with that and then load the files though Shrink and do what ever you want with that and then burn it with Nero i found after reading that on here that it does work.
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Just made a back up of this movie with VOB Blanker,Shrink and DVD Decrypter.(all Freeware).
I had previously attempted to copy this movie but could not get shrink or DVD Decrypter to work, errors on disk would not let either program read the movie.
I ran the DVD throw VOB Blanker on to my hard drive and then used shrink and DVD Decrypter to make the DVD.

This was the first time I used VOB Blanker and it was as easy as pie.

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You can get VOB Blanker at:

and there is a quick guide to using VOB Blanker at:

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Thanks for the info on VOB I played around and got it to work. Thank you again for the help.

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If you don't want to mess around with trying to learn new software, there is a DVD Decrypter forum site that has a thread explaining the whole process. I found it through a thread on this site. It gives you a PSL file you have to download and import into DVD Decrypter. Then rip the movie, shrink with Shrink and burn. It worked fine for me.
Anybody wants to rent and burn?
This is how u do it
You download DVDFab and download anydvd
anydvd cracks the security on any rented dvd and dvd fab makes copy of the disk on two regular 4.7 GB disks
The reson is that most of the rented Dvds are 7.8 GB
therefore it makes copies of any rented dvd easily less than 25 min..

AP1987,U really need to read the forum rules !!!... I advise you to edit your last thread. We do not take kindly to that kind of info buddy.........
aD is not the place for that crap..

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Everybody should read the forum rules ... and also understand that the rules on piracy have been changed.

As far as AnyDVD, until the newest release (which is a beta version) ... it could not break RE2 Apocalypse.

What will work?

Using VobBlanker and your choice of dvd backup software

Using the new AnyDVD

Using DVD Decrypter w/ the PSL list to rip

anydvd cracks the security on any rented dvd
A dvd is a dvd ... they are all the same. Rented or retail bought.

you should read the thread in the newbie section
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I also am trying to burn Resident Evil and I was wondering where do u go tp get VOB so I can down load it.
I also am trying to burn Resident Evil and I was wondering where do u go tp get VOB so I can down load it.
You've got to be kidding me!!!! Are you serious? This thread isn't even that long ... Good god it's only one page!!!


Call me a noob if you wish... and flame all you want. I just haven't the time to search all the threads tonight. Can anyone help me with this trivial problem? After burning RE2 with VOBBlanker and DvdShrink, the movie wont play when I use the play button as soon as I check which format (widescreen or Full) it just freezes with a black screen, Yet if I choose Scene selection then the format it works fine...... Can anyone shed some light?
I just haven't the time to search all the threads tonight.
Not a very good comment. I don't mind helping, but I also think it's great when a member actually learns from reading.

Also, it's hard to say what the problem is. All you've stated is your using VobBlanker and Shrink. Just a guess ... but did you re-author and do movie only?

No I haven't Re-Authored I haven't had the problem untill now.. and I have been reading, it just gets frustrating when im reading a bunch of usefull information pertaining to absolutly nothing im in need for at the moment. and I mean absolutely no disrespect I'm just incredibly tired and not so sober at the moment :) By the way Happy new Years!

P.S. I have learned a great deal since coming to this site and there is still tons to learn... so I'll shut up now and get to reading
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Use DVD Decrypter and import the Protected Sector List into the program.

One thing you can try is use the newest AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. You can use the full versions free for 21 days.

And, Happy New Year.
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can some one try SUPERDVDCopy? I don't have the movie
yet for try, i had it two different copies but was
impossible to copy it, tried several programs like:
The DVDDECRYPTER did the fix for thise movie but
it's just MIDDLE step for coppying movie , than you
need another program and finaly you are not sure
what kind of MESS will be.
I just like do all with ONE APP.

I don't belive....
Hey can someone help me? I'm trying to back-up Resident evil also, I have read your posts I got dvd decryptor, shrink and VOB blanker. But I still can get it working. I've also been to the guide. Every time I try to iso read in decryptor it stalls about four percent of the way in. Can anyone help?
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I used VOB blanker finally after it was read from a lite on cd/dvd combo drive..wouldnt go through using pioneer dvr-a08 or plextor px 712..said reached end of VOB too you have to read from ( i am guessing a non dvd writer ). I then went though DVD Shrink and pulled the larger file- fullscreen-- and have a perfect backup without the 2 minute delay at start..Also took it all to a DL dvd 8.5 gb and have complete full and widescreen w/menu's complete..using patch with dvd decrypter(Also Great Program)-- had a 2 minute gap before movie, same as with super dvd copy..Glad i made the backup before my 3 year old decided it made a good frisbee--it's ruined now, but i hope this helps..directions have been posted on how to use VOB blanker..It takes a couple minutes to analyze the disc, be patient, then it will bring up the contents--process all using a trial and error reader- you may find one that works like i did---i went through a few dvd writers unsuccessfully when i found the lite on sitting and used it---it is currently sold--not an old product--cd writer /dvd reader combo. Hope this unconfuses things..
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