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Why not to buy an A05

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endothorn Suspended due non-functional email address
Pioneer in all their wisdom have decided to change the firmware on the new a05 drives so that cheap media cannot be burnt. This is so that disks from dvd-r manufacturers that do not pay royalties to pioneer to use their dvd-r standard do not work. Earlier versions of the A05 are ok but Pioneer recalled a lot of drives so that they could change the firmware.The sooner Lite on release a dvd-r drive the better.

copy protection.... whats that then?
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I've got the latest firmware in my A05 -- v1.00 -- and it burns nicely 60p a piece Choice and 42p a piece Bulkpaq Gen3 media, so I would like to know what disc brands are you referring to?

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)
I just bought a Pioneer AO5U. Not taking it out of the box until I understand if I can use it with all media and what trouble I will have. What does the U mean and is this one I will regret when my kids start burning? It was $299 but I do not mind paying mroe for one I will not regret.
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U means that it is an external USB drive, AFAIK. And can't say for any others, but my experiences with A05 (internal) has been so far very good, all media I've tried has worked just fine.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)
endothorn Suspended due non-functional email address
2x Choice (white top) @ 2x = writes, but unreadable or partly unreadable in all hardware
2x Choice (white top) @ 1x = fails writing partway through and clouds disc
1x ICE White top = does not recognise disc
2x Datasafe (yellow top) = fails writing partway through and clouds disc
1x eProformance = does not recognise disc
endothorn Suspended due non-functional email address
got this mail from pioneer

Pioneer is aware of a number of disks on the market that do not conform to
the DVD forum standards for DVD-R disks, Pioneer has never recommended the
use of these disks and we can not support there use in our drives, We are
investigation the problems that users are having using the Eproformance
disks and all other DVD-R disks.

We have found that a large number of disks that have the incorrect media ID
codes on them will not work in our drives, this is a fault with the disks.

Pioneer will be updating the firmware to add new media to the 2x and 4x
lists within the firmware and we will also be update the firmware to
improve the usability with correctly made disks.

Richard Fraser
Pioneer GB,"

copy protection.... whats that then?
endothorn Suspended due non-functional email address
rang pioneer customer services this is what they said

they told me that all cheaper dvdr-media isnt gonna work with a05 as intended. that it writes in 2x with unusable result and that only a few cheap dvdr's work and then you are limited to 1x speed

customer service guy advised me to buy an a04 with firmware 1.31 or buy expensive media

copy protection.... whats that then?
mikeyUK Suspended due non-functional email address
Yes, I have a pioneer105 and the all the problems endothorn have described are very true. I got them all
May I recommend the 2x green top generation 4 bulk paq, work very well with the 105. Also get good results with the traxdata 1x. The real purple looking disc ;-)
ps2wizard Suspended account
what website had the green top and traxdata? Thanks.
I totally agree with dRD, have made 1 coaster since i purchased and I'm paying about the same per disc.
ps2wizard Suspended account
what's coaster? Thanks.
T2K Suspended due non-functional email address
i have a pioneer a05 dvd-r burner.

Im about to order some ritek general dvd-r media from and they state that these disks are guaranteed to be compatible with the a05 burner. if they dont work I am going to sue the snipies out of them!!!

ps. some one that has done research on these disks please contact me they are supposed to burn at 1x & 2x

hornak Suspended due non-functional email address
can anyone list Usable cdr media (\unbranded diamond)?
ps2wizard Suspended account
What is a coaster?
:) A coaster is a cd dvd or whatever format, has been unsucessful in the burn process. What you have left is only usable as a "coaster" ie drinks mat,,lol
ps2wizard Suspended account
Oh, thanks.
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