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hi can someone tell me if there is a way to convert rar to iso please
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You don't need to convert anything. Instead get winrar (use google) and extract file(s) by clicking .rar (or .001 / whatever) file and choose destination where to. Then you should have image files ready for you little experiment with legal softwares...(irony intented)
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Easycola, I converted some .rar files using WinRar, but all I got is some kind of "part" files that I can't view or extract to anywhere. Any suggestion on this one? Thank you.
if you're trying to burn i think if you try DVD Decrypter and browse through that file it will show up as one large file. can you tell what the file extensions are?

hey guys i have a question ! what about Rar. games would Winrar extract it so u can play it?

yes, winrar works fine for games.

yeah, whats up with rar.i tied to burn a cd and couldnt do it.
you have to get a program like winrar that decompresses the file. after that you will most likely have an iso and can use dvd decryter to burn. winrar has a trial version, even though you should buy it in a couple of days you can still use the program but it asks you if you want to buy everytime.

where is this decompress thing? is it called compress
? oh im so confused!

and whats a archive?

decompress is the same thing as extract. sorry if that was confusing. just get winrar and open the .rar file. then extract that file to your computer and burn.

but when you burn it there are a heap of files, do i burn all of the files? or burn a singurlar one?

what's the file extension? if it's still .rar extract those files. keep extracting until you get iso if that's a game. if the files are like I01, I02, I03, go ahead and burn.

After i extract it, it becomes RED Alert 2 MDS and Red Alert 2 MDF, can i burn them?

thank you all for the help. but do anyone know how to download a xbox game and burne it,i know how to download it but i dont know how to burne it
you sure can burn them, they are Alcohol 120% Images. So you'll need Alcohol 120% or the free option DVD Decrypter

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Ok i have Alcohol 120% so what do i do when i download the file as an iso or image
use alchohol 120% or DVD Decrypter to burn

i downloaded man on fire it was supposed to be a DVD-R file, but its RAR and i got a folder with tons of files that at the end say part 001.RAR...etc....i wanna know how to burn these files to DVD i have DVD Decrypter.

any help please.
You need to use 'WinRar' and unzip the files. Basically, once 'WinRar' is installed, just right-click on the first file you have, (xxx.000 or xxx.001)and unzip it.
Doing this will unRar the whole movie file for you, so you don't need to unRar any of the other files. Then burn whatever you got.

DragulaAC, i unzipped all the files in the folder (before i had a chnace to read ur post) then i used DVD Decrypter it seemed like everything worked i burned it to a disc and it wont play in my DVD player or my i extracted all the files off the disc back onto my computer using DVD decrypter and I only got VIDEO_TS...theres no audio and it doesnt play in any DVD player.
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now i tried to use DVD Shrink the movie played in the preview perfectly then i went to backup the disc and at 100% it said "DVD Reallocation Failed"

anybody have any suggestions???
hi i have a game (naruto 2 on ps2)with this file extansion .rar but the size is big approximatively 1.5GO i can browse this file with DVD Decrypter (it's recognize as an iso file with the good size 1.5 GO);i also can burn it BUT when i try to read that game with my PS2(with a magic swap to read backup disc)it's not recognize as valid ps2 games.
i need help please on this forum or on MSN or PM me.
(sorry for my english i'm french)

p.s:when i try to extract the RAR FILE i have a lot of folders with text files video files but i don't have an image file with the good size(1.5GO) but i have a lot of .bin files.
thank you for all the people who can help me :-)
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