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How do i burn copy protected dvds with nero

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I have dvd decrypter and dvd shrink which get past the copy protection. But i have heard many saying they use nero to burn dvds and all the dvd's i have are copy protected. Are there settings i have to change?
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1. wrong forum
2. you use shrink to bypass the copy protection and shrink the movie so it will fit on dvd-r. You then use DVD Decrypter or Nero to burn those files.

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this is the wrong forum like sly says,but while i am here....
nero is the default setting in DVD Shrink,
nero cannot be used for ripping copyright movies,it can only burn them once they have been ripped with shrink or decrypter.

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You can use Alcohol 120 to burn your dvds, Nero will not gona work.
Actually you can use Nero to copy DVD's using the Nero Recode. The thing is you need another program running in the background so it will bypass the "This DVD is copyright protected and cannot continue" screen. The program is called DVD43 (sometimes called DVD43 Free) do a search for it on google and you should find a download for it. I burn EVERYTHING with Nero from movies, to data discs, to PS2 games and have never had a problem with it. Oh yeah and like everyone else said... wrong forum dude.
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