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Which is the best Antivirus program

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I would like to know which is the best antivirus program to use that does not use up alot of resources.

What about Dr.Web? Which is better,Dr.Web or Avg pro 7? I never tried Dr.Web before.I tried Kaspersky 5.0.227.But it expired on what is the best.I would like to know if anyone every tried Dr.
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I've been using the various free versions of AVG for quite some time and have never been let down.

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I'M with Neph

AVG (free) is a very good and reliable program.

If you want additional protection would also suggest Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta) which is very good for a MS product (it was developed by someone else). Can be dowloaded from MS site (approx 6Mb).
is AVG better than Antivir? ( if you're unfamiliar)
What are you asking for? advice on free Antivirus program or are you just asking ingeneral
I would like to know which is the best antivirus program to use that does not use up alot of resources.
F-Secure is one of the top 5 for security and does not use up alot of resources.

F.Prot is another one you might like to consider.
my personal favorite is pc-cillin internet security 2005. on pc world magazin AV Reviews it Beat Norton AV 05, and mcafee 05. ive been using it for quite sometime and i can personally tell you its really good. norton av 05 couldnt get rid of multiple trojan horses

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how much ram does that run ..Jdilla ? i know the norton takes up like 60 and i dont like that
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i've been using Panda Platinum 7.0 and it works great, computer doesn't get slow or anything and it automatically updates daily
is AVG better than Antivir? ( if you're unfamiliar)
Personally, it is hard for me to say one is better than the other as long as it does the job, and does it efficiently and effectively. I think either of these is good.

But I use clamav, another free antivirus program. Mainly because it has its roots in the Linux open source community, and I do use Linux also.
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If you want the best antivirus ever, you should try SoftWin BitDefender . It can find viruses that AVG or Norton can`t find. It uses an advanced scaning method, and has a build in firewall, antispam, and everything. See-
I used many antivirus programs, and i can tell you that this seems to be the best.
I have used norton-got a virus 3 times a few years ago, at work I use antivir since our email is web based but I feel their updates take to long but my boss likes it because it doesn't use much resources. I use AVG 7.0 free edition and have for over 3 years I also install in pc's brought to me with viruses using Many name brand versions such as McAfee, BitDefender, Norman and others.
The best is for me is avg it scans incoming and out going email and just for an ounce of safety monthly I use Panda online active scan. Others here have testified to the strength of AVG try it if you don't like it uninstall no money wasted. Just so you know there is also Avast Home edition it's free also and quite good use it on my sisters laptop.

I use AVG 7.0 Professional and it works well for me.
I'm not saying it is the best but I think it is at least equal with Norton.

i must say, ive made the switch from pc cillin internet security 2005 to panda antivirus platinum. what a great AV program this is. not that trend pc cillin is bad, but ive heard lots of great things about panda

I recently tried panda antivirus and it totally locked up my computer.

First thing's first,

I uninstalled Norton Internet Security to switch to Panda and Panda and it locked my computer, nothing worked, so I figured Norton was conflicting and I tried everything under the sun to get the damn thing going and nothing worked except to format the HD.

Once I formated the HD and installed all my drivers and such I decided to redownload Panda and the damn thing locked up again!...oooh I was so pissed but good thing I ghosted my HD before installing and all was good, but needless to say I will not go or even think about trying Panda again as it left a paper cut in my mind.

Now need to learn a lesson I tell everyone else...If it aint broke, don't fix it.

PS. I went back to Norton Internet Security. It may be a system hog but I have no issues with a bogged down system or anything that runs slow, so im happy with Norton Internet Security.

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I first started with Vet antivirus and found it very good but did'nt like it's interface. Then I tried PC-Cillin internet security 2005, what a brilliant piece of software it is. I also tried panda platinum because I've heartd all these great reviews, and like some of the others, it slows your computer down dramatically. I tried bitdefender pro and found this to be quite good also, but for now I'll stick to PC-Cillin internet security 2005.
Ive Tried 3 AV Programs. Norton AV2005, Pc-cillin internet security 2005, and panda antivirus platinum 7.0. norton detected some trojans and viruses but didnt know how to delete them, or it couldnt delete them for some reason, even after updating the virus definitions. pc-cillin is great for av.. but ive heard great stuff from panda and i made the complete switch to it. it deletes anything that is a threat. i have it running on both of house computers, and it doesnt slow them down at all. steady maintains at a 0-5% cpu usage. i guess in the end its you the one that decides wich one works best for you.. not the name brand.

I just have to add my 2 cents. I have experimented with AVG and found something very interesting. To compare it to NAV I took the HD to another computer and ran NAV on the drive with AVG. Now AVG did not detect any viruses at this time. NAV found 1 virus and removed it. Now I returned the drive to its system. When booted AVG no longer worked. That experiment made me avoid AVG. Seems like that file NAV deleted came from AVG.

I left PC-Cillin a few years back due to many system lock ups with it. Not to say its still bad they probaly improved greatly. I just have not gotten the nerve to try them again.

Mcaffe is a big no. It tends to tell you there is a virus when you have been infected. During removal it often fails to completly remove the virus and it returns days later. There updates are way behind NAV update releases. So you often open to new Viruses.

NAV is a GO in my book. NAV will stop a download in its tracks if it sees a virus. The updates are daily and dont leave you open to new attacks very often. Now there is always that virus that gets unleashed right after an update is out. NAV will squash that virus when it shows up in defs. Usualy within 2 days. NAV can also sense a new unkown virus and set it aside.

No program will keep viruses away 100%. But i give NAV a 95% if updated often.Mcaffe 65% AVG I will not use. PC-Cillin Have not tested it. This my opinion on the topic. I do not expect you to side with me. I have not had a virus in 5 years. Thank you NAV.

One of the problems you had using two antivirus on one system big no, NAV uses 64mb of resources which is to much. Avg scans your pc nightly, updates automatically everytime you boot up as well as a predetermined time. In this months PCWorld magazine writer Steve Bass says "Prevent Futer problems for free: You know that I use an antivirus program to prevent getting infected. The one I like, Grisoft's AVG, is free." Yes that's right who is a bigger geek or more wired and for that matter informed than the writer of PCWorlds Hassle-Free PC column. I can only tell you this I got infected not once, not twice but three times running NAV which I might add PCMag and PCWorld have annually given the best marks. But when NAV was put to the test overall it doesn't do the job. I will add this I at least once a month if not more often double check my pc using Panda Online Scan.
I have gone three years going on four using AVG,virus free and not paid one red cent for the software and protection it provides. While I am at it recently discovered a firewall called OmniQuad from the UK and have started using it on my other pc running WinMe and it is pretty good. When I switched to wireless using ZoneAlarm I had problems getting my network and NAT firewall working under ZoneAlarm but not with OmniQuad which also passed the Gibson Research Test. Avg passes teh Eicar test also and is certfied.
I do agree no one solution is 100% but you can not beat free no subscription fees and quality scanning Avg scans Outlook and Outlook Express coming and going.
Now Panda is really good and it has really changed I have read lots of test runs that it found spyware missed by other detectors and got rid of it as well.
The new old kid on the block when it comes to spyware is Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta check it out great GUI and powerful performance with realtime protection.I back that up with an ounce of prevention using Spyware Blaster 3.2.
Freeware can and will protect your computer.

I believe that the Anti-Virus software manufacturer’s produce viruses so that we have to buy there program just to protect our PC’s. But I’m also the guy that thinks Starbucks puts Tracking chips in their coffee and is really an alien filling station! <G>

With that said, I use NAV 2005 on all four of my PC’s and never had a problem! NAV 2004 slows your boot down to a crawl but 2005 is just fine! :0)
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now I know why starbucks always knows I want a double shot capuccino with amaretto and whip cream.


I have to agree with ScubaBud totally...

I have Norton System Works 2005 on all 5 PC's i have at home. Yes AVG Free is a good AntiVirus program, but i prefer to use Nortons.

Working at an ISP, i have seen a range of different antivirus programs in use, such as VET, PC-Cillin, McAfee, Nortons, AVG, Avast etc..

But Norton's, i have never had a problem with at all, until i do, i will then stop using it.

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Another thread with lots of opinions ~~ !! Take your pick ! ~~smiles !
I am also toying with Microsoft Anti spyware. Yes it is good. It does not take as long as others to scan. However it still misses. I let it soly control all my spyware for one month. Afterwich I ran Spybot and Adaware. 35 Items where found that MS spyware totaly missed. Also MY spyware tends to have problems removing some spyware. Such as ITS toolbar. It cant shake that one. I still say it is good since it is still an infant. Will be interesting to see it when its an adult. It still runs on my system but I do not rely on just it. I still run the other two from time to time.

Corection to previous post. this line: Also MY spyware tends to have problems removing some spyware. Should read: Also MS spyware tends to have problems removing some spyware. Just woke up

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