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I would appreciate some feedback regarding fastest (if this exists) dvd-burning software.

Of course I don’t mean back-up dvd movies, I just want to place a dvd-r in the one dvd drive of my PC and an empty dvd-r in the other dvd drive and then copy the first disc on the fly

I am currently using Alcohol 120, which takes about 11 minutes to copy the disk. Can you please suggest software than can copy dvds faster than Alcohol (but please except Nero, which is a disappointment for me)

I heard about Cheetah dvd Burner is not the fastest although developers advertise it, but never tried it.
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You are making a backup dvd on the fly in 11 minutes... How much faster do you want?


if you can say my name, mcfz, you will win a prize...
Always remember if you want quality, it takes time.

Nawlinz Style.... ;)
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How fast your burner will copy a movie has very little if anything to do with the software, but more with your hardware. Any proggy you use for writing to a disk is not going to be off by much in the way of time. More importantly the things that effect your speed for writing to a disk are, and these arent in any kind of order.
1. DVD Writer
2. All HD fragmented and cleaned up (if going from HD)
3. All drivers/firmware updated
4. IDE Channels set in the proper mode (DMA)
5. Background tasks running (turn them off)
6. DVD Media being used (brand/clean original)
7. IDE Cables (80 Pin preffered)
8. How the drives are installed (where they are on the IDE cable)

Those would be some of the things that impact how fast you can copy a disk. 11min is pretty good though depending on the speed you are copying at of course and how big the original disk is?

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are you new to dvd burning?

Hello thanks everybody for the replies; my reply came late as didn’t log-in local night time.

@flip218: not so new, I burn dvds around a year now and got my new PC 6 months now. Also for 6 months now i backup dvds through afterdawn's guide:
Also i have suggested this guide to various friends as I found it the best/easiest.

@mcfz: that’s why I delayed buying a new PC, because I wanted to get it with latest/fastest dvd media and also with a good processor
[CPU] AMD AMD XP 3200+ 64 SOCKET 754 BOX

@nawlinz: I don’t agree with this at least not 100%
What do you mean quality takes time? If you try Nero with the fast option and with the safe option, the only difference is that with the first option there are more chances for a burned disc. No drop in quality however.

1. my drives are:
2. I am using Diskkeeper (best defragment prog IMHO) every two weeks at least as I set up my PC in raid0 and in case of raid0 defragment is very crucial/essential
3. Yes
4. Please be more specific/clarify
5. No background tasks. I even uninstalled Norton and used Nod32 which is the antivirus that uses less system resources than any other. But most often I quit Nod32 when I copy dvds.
6. Here I am a bit confused. Other media display 4x speed and other 8x speed. What I am sure for is that the 4x speed complete in less than double time than the 8x discs, that means that the figures (8x, 4x) are not very accurate (at least practically in my PC)
7. IDE I think is 48 but not sure
8. The drivers as you said.

11 minutes is good time? Then OK. For info the original disc is a fully packed disc (4.3 GB) and is usually a “backed-up” movie.

@all: I may continue using alcohol as burner. As I was thinking and now is almost confirmed (after your replies) the software does not affect so much the burning time (at least when copying). If somebody has another opinion please post in order that I consider it. Also what are the advantages of: "enable underburn technology" in Alcohol settings?

Best regards

are you new to dvd burning?

I've been looking for the right situation to ask this question: in deciding whether to post to the "advanced" or the "newbie" forum, do those adjectives refer to the question or to the user? I am sure there are many cases where there's no difference, but I remember my very first post here, as a newbie user, was to the advanced forum, because I thought the question (about closed captions) was not a newbie question. I'm just wondering what the mods look at in deciding whether a post belongs in one or the other.
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are you new to dvd burning?
I must admit that i am somewhere in the Intermediate level in dvd burning
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Agree with bbmayo in that the burn time is more directly related to the hdw rather than the sfw. I use the old 321 studios dvdxcopy and am very happy burning a 4.7gb movie in less than 40 minutes (which includes the read and write times for a successful burn) on my new rig that I recently built!! So, Michalis, don't worry, be happy with 11 minute copy time of a movie at 4.3gb. Happy Indeed. Did you build that rig or purchase it? Not bad at all for the k8v-se deluxe mobo and amd processor and those TEAC DVD optics.
Everything seem's good I just wanted to calrify a few of the questions you had.

4. Make sure under your device manager that your IDE channels are set in DMA mode and not PIO mode.

6. By media being used I really mean what brand name of media? Taiyo Yuden's are by far the best :-)

7. By IDE cables I mean you have your standard 40 Pin cables and you have the much better 40 Pin 80 wire cables (most call them 80 pin cables) They will increase your time a little for burning, but when it comes to ripping your DVD this is where they really shine. Both cables have 40 pins but one has 80 wire's.

8. By how thay are installed on the IDE cables I am reffering to are they on one IDE cable as primary and slave? or are they on seperate IDE cables? The second way is the preffered way, but not always the best in every system. This would call for some trial and error testing to see what works best for you. :-)

Yes the x4 and x8 dosent meen that it will record twice as fast at x8 over x4 even though in theory it seems that way ? These would be good to average times for a full DVD x4 = 10-12min x8 = 7-10min anything close to those figures is pretty good :-)

Also I tend to agree with you in the burning time aspect. If you can succesfully burn at x8 or x16 :-) with no errors then the quality of the disk will be exactly the same if you burned it at x1. When we tell people to slow down there burning speed it is because they are having problem's and getting to many errors. This is most likely attributed to a lot of different things and slowing the speed time dosent really fix the big problem it will allow some one with a less computer be able to bur a DVD. If your PC is running stable and can handel it then by all means burn at the fastest speed possible. I know a lot of people are going to think different to this suggestion and I will probably get a lot of replies, but the speed of wich you burn your disk has nothing to do with the quality that is turned out in the end. I know ScubaPete would agree with me on this one :-)

Good Luck with your burning all

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in deciding whether to post to the "advanced" or the "newbie" forum, do those adjectives refer to the question or to the user?
IMO it's for questions. Alot of newbies post in advanced thinking that is where the experience people hang out, but in all actuality our members browse most of the forums.

I've put a request into dRD to change it from dvd-r for advanced users to dvd-r for advanced questions. It doesn't happen often, but every now and then a difficult question comes up, and I think it's easier for those thread to be seen if there weren't so many.

I also suggested combining the two, but after thought I wouldn't want those few advanced questions to get lost among the many newbie threads.

For now I just have to move the threads I consider "not an advanced question". ;)
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@Starbuck1: I bought it OEM but the seller assembled it (however I formatted it 3 times since)
At the time of purchase the TEAC were the fastest drives I think.

@bbmayo: thanks so much for all advises, especially for
I will check and revert by tomorrow if necessary, because now I am at work.
Also the seller assembled the PC, but I will open the PC case to see if 80 pins have been used but I suppose so (as I think he used these 80 pins for the raid0 configuration also).
Re: your last paragraph the Alcohol 120 doesn’t seem to have the fast – safe burning options and I guess it all depends at the speed setting (maximum speed etc). Although your advises were more than helpful to me, you didn’t mention anything about software and therefore I guess that it’s the less important factor in speed, but I really would like your opinion for software as well.

@flip218: I agree that this is an advanced question and I am not an advanced user. However before posting, I looked virtually everywhere to find an answer for my thread’s topic (i.e. various forums, cd/dvd burning sites, etc) but with no luck. Therefore I posted it in the advanced users forum (to get advanced answer).
If you try to search the web for fastest dvd copy software most likely you will find various sites, most of them suggesting “1clickdvdcopy”, which is mainly for back-up, but it has a copy function as well.

By the way I use for back-up the CloneDVD with DVDDecrypter (as per afterdawn’s guide) but never tried 1clickdvdcopy, which advertises a full back-up in less than 15 mins. The procedure I use takes more than 20 mins (8 mins for decrypter and 12-13 mins for cloneDVD) and 1clickdvdcopy (together with the copytodvd which comes free as combo if purchased) is less than that and also advertises that the compression achieved is the best!!(in terms of quality). I believe this is BS, but I am not so sure, maybe somebody can confirm that 1clickdvdcopy is the fastest backup software and provides the best quality/compression.

Thanks everybody, best regards.
@flip218: I agree that this is an advanced question
Who are you agreeing with? Not me, I just haven't moved it. IMO it's actually should be posted in the newbie forum.

It doesn't take an advanced user to answer this. Newbies can chime in with the programs they use and how long it takes.

Ya know I just browsed over this thread again. Looked at the times you all have posted. And my answer .... It's not really the software ... it really depends on the rated speed of your disc and the burner you have.

If you are taking about just burning.
(8 mins for decrypter and 12-13 mins for cloneDVD)
for decrypter you most likely burned at 8x. And w/ CloneDVD burned at 4x.

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