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HDL/HDA unpacked versions (ps2-unpacker)

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Does anybody have or know where to get HDA or HDL unpacked by ps2-unpacker? I have the packed version of both .elfs and I also have ps2-unpacker, but it doesn't seem to work. I open ps2-unpacker in a ms-dos prompt but it works so slow, heres the line I use:
...ps2\hdloader>ps2-unpacker.exe hdl.elf hdl2.elf
I understand the second partition (hdl.elf) is the In file and the third one is the out. Does that mean what file I want to unpack and the file I want to be after its unpacked?? Whenever I tried this it took about 10 minutes to end but it says memory out of range, and doesn't give me an other file. So whats the scoop? Whats next?
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