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READ THIS if you have file extensions r00, .001, etc. and dunno what to do!!

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So you downloaded some files and there are a bunch of em... named .r00 to .r40 (for example). Well, this should clear the air for the newbs on what to do.

(1) Download WinRar ( ). Durring the installation, it asks you a few questions. It will ask you what files to associate with WinRar. Just check what you want. But just chosing .rar will be fine. (Do not select ISO.) Then it will ask you to integrate WinRar into shell. Choose yes, and choose your context menu items that you want. (those will be options when you right click on a .rar archive. very handy!)

note: WinRar archives come in different extensions, depending on what version of WinRar the ISO was archived with.

Examples: .001, .r01, .part01.rar

(2a) So now you have WInRar installed. Now it's time to extract your ISOs. Go to your folder where you have your downloaded files. If you have a crapload of files, choose list view in your folder to see what you are working with. 99% of the time, all you will have to do is right click the first file in your list (remember the "context menu options"), and choose "extract to." Then browse for a location that you want your ISO extracted to and click "ok." WinRar will extract the ISO and whatever else is archived in that group of files to your destination of choice.
Note: The time it takes for the ISO to extract is dependant on the speed of your computer and the ammount of files it needs to extract from.

(2b) If by chance you right click your first file and you do not see "extract to" as an option, do not punch your monitor, it's ok. Just open WinRar and browse to the folder that your downloaded files are in. You will then single click (just to highlight) the first file in your list and choose "extract to" from the buttons on top. It will then open a dialog box so you can choose your destination. Click "ok" and it will extract. Again, extraction time varies.

(Q) "I get an error when I try to extract my ISO, says it is corrupt, what do I do?"

(A) If you downloaded your files, there should be a .sfv file with your group of .rar files. This is a Simple File Verification file. It is a file format that stores the CRC32 checksums of files. It lets you know if files are corrupt or missing. Here is a link for SFV programs that will check your .rar files.. I use PD SFV, but anyone will work the same. Just open the .sfv file with the program of your choice and follow the instructions.

(Q) "OK, SFV says file .xx is corrupt, now what?"

(A) Well, not much you can do, except try to download the file again, and run the SFV program to verify. However, since you downloaded your files, you might have come accross files with the .par extension. These are "parity" files. Without going into a long speech on how it works, I'll just tell you that .par files can fix missing or corrupt .rar files. Usually there are a percentage of .par files in relation of how many .rar files there are. Here is a better tutorial and download link to QuickPar and how it works..

(Q) "OK, my ISO is extracted, how do I burn it to DVD/CD?"

(A) Our good friend Quadratic has made an excellent tutorial, complete with pictures to help you out. Go here..
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cause I still see peeps asking about this :)
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Hi there. I got some problem i'm unable to solve. I did use the winrar to extract but it says that no archives found in the selected file or folder. How am i supposed to extract it ? I use quickpar to check and there's no damage file at all. Just that winrar and WinZIP is not recognising file. FYI, the extension starts with .001
Get the newest vesion of WinRAR and try again.

Also, since version 3.0, WinRAR uses a new compression algorithm which is superior, but sadly, not backwards compatible with older versions.

It might just be a bad archive or empty/bogus ISO.

thanx for the info
but im on the burning part
can i just go to Nero after the iso is extracted and burn it as an image?
or is there more to it like using one of those programs?
this is all i neednto know b4 i burn my game, and also it is on a dvd+r, could that be a reason for the game not work?
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yep just use nero and burn the image burn at the slowest speed possible.

xbox dvd drives are very picky with burnt media my xbox has a samsung dvd, and it reads my memorex 4x dvd-r and dvd+r just is basically trial and error when it comes to media...if one brand doesn't work you will have to try another
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1.6 xbox
dual hd's
seagate 300gig hd
seagate 100gig notebook hd
lots of led's

Halo2 LE(the blue case)
x3/x3 control panel/x3 lcd
400gig seagate
blue/green eject light
white controller port lights
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BR7 Thanks for the informative item on SFVs, however, I have a similar problem (no archive files) using WinRAR v2.8, v3.0 or v3.42. I have checked the files using QuickSFV v2.32 and it tells me that all files check OK!
Any thoughts on what to try next?

The files (pnt-ar7a.001, .002 etc)were generated only last month, so I would assume they are most likely generated with a resonably recent version of WinRAR.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

If you double click the .001, does it open with WinRAR? If it does, what do you see? The folder or the ISO? Keep clicking till you see the ISO, then highlight it and choose extract to.

I'm scraching my head on the whole "no archives" error. I never got one, nor ever seen one.
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OK... I think I know what is going on now.
I was opening WinRAR, then trying to extract the .001 file from within the browser. - only got a "no archive " message.

I have some stupid Fax-viewer program that is associated with the .001 extension, so when I double clicked on it, it tried to open in the Fax thingy.

After reading your response, I tried right clicking on the .001 file in explorer and selected "open with", and then selected WinRAR. Up popped WinRAR with a bin and cue to extract!

It is possible that others may have a similar pre-existing association causing them problems.

Anyway, I'm underway for the moment.
Thanks a million!
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how do u guys get a pic as signature? and is my ip shown to everyone.its freaky.
It is possible that others may have a similar pre-existing association causing them problems.
Very possible. I cannot remember what extension (.rxx I think), I cannot right click, nor double click the file, even if I associate it with WinRAR. So to solve that, I just open WinRAR and browse to the location of those files and extract from there. Works every time.
It's probably .001, by default WinRAR doesn't associate with that extension set. You can double click and do an open with and force an association but the right click context menus still won't show up for it, only double clicking will work.

Frankly it's annoying, I'm trying to find a way to get the right click to work for .001 too, I hate having to open each one seperately when I have a bunch of downloads I want to extract.
hi i have just downloaded a game but the files are as follows mrn-flt.001 to 26? what do i do with them?
associate one of the files witrh WinRAR and double click it then.... after that drop and drag it in the dir u wanna extract it

cool it works thanks
sure no problem ;) happy ya posted back :)
Hi there. I have read your info on extracting the downloaded .rar files and followed the link for burning them onto a dvd.

what I want to do is download a game, extract the correct files, burn to a dvd and play the game.

But can you confirm if I need a chipped / modded xbox for playing a downloaded then burned game. The link you gave seemed to indicate that you needed a chipped box if you wanted to make a backup of a currently owned game.

Any help would be appreciated
well in order to run on xbox hdd backed up xbox games u need a modchip or softmod. That requires a chip for modchip or some gamesaves and action replay + mem. card to softmod.... of course softmod ist as stable as modchip...
and once u got the chip soldered...and flashed and a new large hdd and an autoinstaller... then u can download a xbox game... extract one of the rar files or if its an iso u dont gotta do anything and burn the extracted iso or directly the one u dloaded if ya lucky...
to burn them on dvd open Nero burning rom click cancel then recorder then burn image... select the iso and check to finalise disc and make sure u burn it at the slowest speed on a DVD-R for best results... just like it says on my page... anyway that page is old once my new pages ready then ill post yall
Can you recommend a mod chip bearing in mind I haven't soldered anything in about 15 years.

Also what is involved in flashing my xbox and whats an autoinstaller.

Do you need a larger HDD.

I apologise if all these have been answered and if you don't reply I'll assume that the answers can be found elsewhere.

Thanks DynatyxXx
Well... flashing the chipis like givin it life... ull need a bios and make a bios disk... there was a page where it said how to make one but i forgot it... and an autoinstaller formats the large or retail hdd and makes partition and except that it installs emulators, dashboards, flash even bios... and i really think u can use it to flash a chip and u wont have to make a bios disk but i'm not sure of that anymore... havent been moddin for long now... and the large hdd is just... another hdd than the one in the xbox... and larger...more GB ... on a 160gb fit aprox 40 games.. and i suggest ya get a xenium ice... many people say Xecuter 3 is the best but i checked it out and no...xenium is way better... people should stop saying xecuter 3 is the best just bcuz its more expensive and newer... it has it's "bad parts".
Please help!

I have downloaded many xbox games but I have just dloaded brian lara cricket!It has come down in 54 files half are rars containing isos and half are other files which continue the counting upwards. each file is 50 000 000 in size....what do i do? I have tried extracting the rar01 and rar00 and rar02 and all it does it burn the same file in the extraction. just repeats what it is there into the new place?/



lol.... i already replied to that here in this topic... u dont have to extract all files, just one of em.
I know but if you extract just one you simply have the same file that you get when u click it in WinRAR in the extracted place. its still only 50 000 000 in size and only takes like 3 seconds to extract? Im guessing it would take a lot longer to extract the whole program?

What happens when you double click that one rar file? I bet it opens with WinRar, then what do you see? Another folder, or an ISO? If you see a folder, double click it. If you see the ISO, highlight it and choose "extract to."
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