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Disc Error Playback feature may not be available on this disc

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I have burned several dvd's using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink with no success. After messing up several dvd's I found ScubaPete's step by step guide and used it...still with no success. Once DVD Decrypter finished writing my dvd, it says it was successful, but when I put it in my DVD player, I keep getting this message: DISC ERROR -Please eject the disc- Playback feature may not be available on this disc. Can anyone tell me what I keep doing wrong!?!? This is getting really frustrating. Thanks to all in advance.
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Hi Arwen, welcome to aD,

It actually sounds like you are doing everything OK. The error message you're getting would indicate that you're using inferior media.

Upgrade discs following my suggestions for acceptable media.

I cannot stress enough the necissity of using the proper media. In everything except DVD Video work there's not much difference except for the disc memory factor.



The Old Man Pete ()

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Thanks ScubaPete for replying to my post. I am completely new to burning discs. I burnt my first DVD the other day with no problem at all (the first one I tried burning actually) and it turned out great. But, I don't remember what excatly I did to that one that I am doing differently to the rest.
By saying that I am using inferior media, you mean the disc that I am burning to, right? I am using HP DVD+R 8x 4.7 GB Data/120min Video. So, is this what I should not be using? I think I paid around $50.00 for a 50 pack of these discs.
Thanks again,
Have you tried burning at 4X instead of the 8X max? The HP 8X +R disks you mention are probably made by CMC Mag. They tend to suck especially when burned at 8X. At 4X they tend to do much better. What burner are you using? Also try ScubaPete's suggestion and try a different brand of media. I would think about purchasing some erasable RW media to use for testing also.
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I am using the Memorex Double Layer dual format DVD Recorder. It came with Nero 6, and Nero is actually the program I used to burn the first and only successful DVD. But, I kept messing up DVD's with that one, so I switched to DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink.
Is the Memorex an 8X or 4X recorder? If it's an 8X, when you burn with decrypter simply change the speed setting from Max to 4X and try that. The disks you have will not often burn well at 8X.

What DVD are you trying to back up? What settings are you using for DVD Decrypter? Are you saving them to a file or to an ISO?
I am trying to backup my Raising Helen DVD. I'm not sure what speed my recorder says 8X DVD-R (write speed) and 4X DVD+RW/-RW (re-write speed). At first, I just tryed burning it by saving files into my hard drive with Nero. The last time, I did it by an ISO.
Remember the old adage, "go back to the basics"?

I don't believe that the DVD Raising Helen needed anything more then just DVD Shrink along with your Nero6 software. Maybe if you could also uninstall DVD Shrink and then re-install it before your next burn, using only the default settings, this will help make sure that your have gone back to the basics. By any chance do you have any DVD-R blank media that you can use? If you do or can borrow a disk from a friend, try that first. Also use Backup! instead of re-author and save as files and not ISO. Good luck.

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Hi Arwen,

Stay with the HP DVD+R discs Mitsubishi and are pretty good.

Re-check your firmware and as the guys have said, tone down your speed to 4X. In DVD Shrink's "preferences", set the "target size" to 4360MB "Custom"

Check my sig for guides for all of your proggys.


The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
Thanks to all of you for the help. I am going to give it another shot, I hope it works this time!
Pete: Why do you say the HP +R disks are made by Mitsubishi? All of the HP 8X +R and -R are reported as carrying the CMC Mag code in the database I looked at.

MediaMatch (the same as DVD Identifier).


use "WorldLingo" and BableFish" to translate the German to English :)

If you don't have those, all you have to know is -

Down in the lower right-hand corner, under "Erweiterte Suche" you'll see "Offerer:" where you look for your disc's name and, under that "Hersteller:" which means Manufacturer. Select one OR the other to use.. To the right of those you'll see an arrow and the word, "Anzeigen" which means Next - Again, choose the disc's name OR the manufacturer and click "next". On the next page, you'll see a group of media, select which media you wish to check up on and click the arrow with the "search icon" on the right and that will supply you with a break-down of each disc, i.e.,Dye and Manufacturer, in the DataBase..

After all of that, enough will be in English so that you won't have that much trouble -

A good grade, Hi-quality media is needed for DVD reproduction ! RiData, Sony, TDK, "Branded" Ritek G04's or "Branded" Verbatim Data Life, Verbatim DataLife plus, Taiyo Yuden's and generally, almost any discs manufactured by Mitsubishi or RICOH are excellent bets. Among the better discs we're looking for, any media boasting "Advanced Metal AZO" - BUT it must say "METAL" AZO !, this indicates a superior dye and dye application on a good composite disc, while they are sometimes a bit "pricey" they are just the type of media we're looking for to do our DVD backups, Prices online from OR have gotten Ritek G04 starting at about a $ .45 (USD) a disc -

For DVD backups, purchasing inexpensive media or even average media is a gamble, some people win BUT the majority lose, they lose varying amounts true but, they still lose :-(



The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
This is interesting. In the States the media code for HP 8X -R is apparently CMC MAG.AE1 and the media code for +R is CMC MAG.E01. It appears one now needs to know where people are purchasing their disks unless they use dvdidentifier or dvdinfopro to state for certain the disk manufacturer.
I have the same problem when i burn DVD i burn at 1x and i use Benq DVD-R I only burnt one successful DVD that worked on my DVD Player and it can play DVDRW both +-
I was wondering if there some thing like a DVD boot disc or something

If you were to use my directions you would see the information I got. Perhaps HP has changes Mfgrs and were that so it appears they went downhill as CMC are untrustworthy :(

If that is the case, I'd change discs. Maybe the difference is the type of discs. The 4X being a good bet and the 8X being something to watch out for . . .

As many pple I've spoken with (and my personal experiences too) have had problems burning the 8X where burning at 4X still continues to provide excellent backups.

Me, I stay with the 4X which are now much cheaper AND my burning still remains at 100% perfect.


The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
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