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How to get around copy protection error when using DVD shrink?

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While trying to backup a copy of Alien vs. Predator with DVD Shrink 3.2 I got the following error. "DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Failed to read file "D:\" Data error (cyclic redundancy check)." and when I try to re analyse the movie I then get this error. "Copy Protection error- The read failed because the sector is encrypted."[/] Is there a way around this problem?
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Make sure you have the latest version of DVD Decryptor--then put it through that first--then after it is on your hardrive, you can use DVD Shrink to make it small enough--Decryptor has a stronger ripper and many times works when DVD Shrink has a problem--
Also look into getting AnyDVD which runs in the background. This program does cost around $40 bucks but is well worth it.
just download AnyDVD trial & keygen it.. FREE!

The copy protection on Alien vs Predator must be first rate because DVD Decrypter can't even crack it. So how does one use this AnyDVD and keygen it or do we have other alternatives?
the new DVD Decrypter worked fine for me an i have never used AnyDVD

I used latest DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink recently to back up this DVD with no problem.

I have never had this combo fail me. I use file mode in decrypter and then load files in shrink.

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Make sure you have the newest DVD Decryptor and you can change the preferences in it---Try this

I'd like you to check your DVD Decrypter's settings. First, it should be version Go to "Tools", "Settings", set everything to "Default". Then in the "General" tab change, "Removal Method" from "Normal" to "Aggressive", in "File Mode", "tick" Remove PUO's." For ripping in the "ISO Read Mode", "tick" "Remove PUO's" there also. in the "CSS" tab, under "CSS Cracking Method", choose "Brute Force ~> I/O Key Exchange" and "On Failure" choose "Yes". . IMPORTANT: In the "I / O" tab, in the bottom right, "tick" the box which says, "Ignore read errors". This is an excellent setting for dealing with scratched discs which may cause ripping problems---

If this works let us know

The latest version is 3.5.2, fyi.
I had no problem with this movie. LivinDgirl's method works very well. First Decrypt it to files, shrink as needed and then burn to disk. Very simple method, works very well.
I tried both LivnDGirl's method and Whitfield's method and I have the same results. I've also tried the AnyDVD software. I will get to about 39% to 40% and then everything is halted. The software then retries itself but with no luck.
It's not the software, it's your PC. There are no issues with this burn. Time to figure out what is wrong with your setup. Give details, etc.
Your correct ScubaBud, it was not the software. I took the dvd out rubbed it down and everything was fine. Thank you all for attempting to help me with my non problem. I must say I did learn something new in the process. The People in this forum are awesome! Thanks.
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Yep... an old cotton cloth is sometimes better than all the high tech, because nothings gonna work with a dirty disc. ;)


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Thanks for getting back. It's the only way we all can learn.
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