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AnyDVD Not Free Trial?

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Hello All, I been using Anydvd for months Great program,taking updates just fine. Today I when to download the new update it tells me Free trial period expired. It will not give me a new 21 day trial period. What to do .

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buy it
Well I been reading posts on this forum about this program not needing to buy it because all you have to do is download the trial, well it not work that way. Has any one had this problem. I have unintalled program,downloaded the new AnyDVD and the message Free Trial Expired. Has anybody had this problem.
I don't know where you read you didn't need to buy AnyDVD because that's completely false. If you like the software then support the makers and buy it - plain and simple. Keep in mind that we've all heard every excuse in the book about why a person can't or shouldn't have to pay for it ;)

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you need to read more carefully. Your confusing AnyDVD w/ Nero.

Actually I did see a person running around here posting that you can keep reloading the free trial of AnyDVD. I can't remember who it was though. Well I guess I need to start's been a week or two ago.

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When a trial expires. It means the trials over lol pretty common sense. Well theres always a way to get trials back.
You are correct zippyd, I read the same post that some person was claiming that you could just redownload another trial of AnyDVD when it had expired. Unfortunately I cannot remember who it was, but I thought I would just let you know I also saw that post.

Well zippyd and bardie, I seen that same post a few weeks ago about the trial expired and just reload the program and it works. Well, the next question about this AnyDVD program is how many people are buying this program? How many people are reloading the trial and it working. I have brought Dvd copy programs on the net and gotten burned on them not updating or working and not getting any help or money back.I do not want to get BURNED AGAIN. If everybody on this forum is buying AnyDVD I liked to see the numbers. Great programs like DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter are free

If ya find it post it. He's probably using a crack.

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Well when my trail expired i went to add/remove programs when removing it asks you it you want to keep or delete the registry info w/e i forget. I remove the program when add/remove ect. I don't know if this is right, but i goto search files or folder from start menu then select advanced tab then check hidden files.folders ect. delete all files of anydvd. THen goto registry goto the software tab look for anydvd and delete registry folder lol well i don't know if this is necessary. This is how i basically get the trail back. < I know i didn't be clear.
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Simple buy it :)

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If you like to get paid for the work you do then you can appreciate why Slysoft would also like to get paid for what they offer. It's nice of them in the first place to give a trial of their product, allowing you the option to buy if you like it or just walk away from it after testing it.
I found the post that was on the AnyDVD download page about just reinstall it at the end of 21day trail.By Climbhigh I only use this software in conjunction with DvdShrink for the new Arccos/Puppetlock protection -- found on the latest Sony/Columbia releases.

I would not recommend purchasing this product. Why? It's functionality does not warrant the outlay of $40.00.

Besides, all one has to do is reinstall it at the end of the 21 day trial period if they want to continue using it.
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It's all really simple. Just go here and download the crack:

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On the right of that page click on slysoft anydvd On the next page click the download link. It will download a zip file. Open the zip file. It contains a file called crack.rar. If you don't have winrar, do a google search and download it. Then use it to open the crack.rar file. You will then see a patch.exe file.

Copy that patch.exe file to c:\program files\slysoft\anydvd

Then run the patch.exe file from that directory and anydvd will be enabled.
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wow that was quick....

ignore my report
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lol ...


the bold is from me. he posted a crack for AnyDVD.

I know... I saw the original post. By the time I was done sending my offensive post report, you had worked your moderator

that's why I said ignore my report....

Why would anyone bother to buy or to awste space on thier HD when they can have dvd decypter for free? Some people.

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There are many reasons to purchase a program besides that of supporting a great program. Ease of use, timely updates and not in the least, personal preference. Hard Drive space is minimal and not an issue. If you like it, use it. If not, don't use it. Your choice.
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i paid for AnyDVD. i was able to upgrade to the new version. i had to reformat my hard drive because i was not able to get rid of virus. i installed AnyDVD again. but now i cant install the new version AnyDVD
the error was installer verification failed. does any one know what this means
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All you need to do is contact slysoft
support and they will fix you up.
Redownload it

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