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To biwire or not to biwire

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How many of you have bi-wired your speakers? I just got Monitor Audio's center speaker, which has a 2nd set of terminals for being bi-wired.

For those of you that have done this, does it make a discernable difference?

And with respect to the receiver, do I use a 2nd set of inputs from the same source. Not quite sure if I've got this concept down... :)
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hey there,

I have tried bi-wiring my speakers and have not heard ANY difference. I have read where some people noticed a difference bi-wiring my exact speakers but I haven't. One thing is for sure... Bi-wiring will cost you some good money. I mean, you are talking about 2 sets of cables, and 2 different amp sources!

I have done this in an expirement and noticed nothing!

with all the money you would need to spend to bi-wire, just think where you could benefit else where. I mean if it costs you $200 dollars to bi-wire the right way, where else would your system benifit from 200 bucks! Why not just buy a really good set of speaker wires instead! I have heard a greater increase in sound quality using better cables than i have with bi-wiring.....

Although, if you have power hungry speakers, adding a second amp to push the lower frequency might help a lot!

Sorry if i made it even more confusing...
Thanks - that pretty much confirms what I've read about bi-wiring - unless you go all out, it's hard to get a perceptible difference.

And my speakers seem to suit the 2805 just fine, one amp seems like plenty!
gerry1 Suspended account
Hey ghost! Gerry here...we've exchanged a couple of times before. As is always the case with speakers, it always seems to be a matter of personal choice. I always bi-wire my speakers though I've never bi-wired the center. Come to think of it, I have mirage all the way around but I don't think my center channel can be bi wired: I'll have to take a second look next time I'm behind there. If memory serves, ghost, you don't need a second amp to bi wire with the AVR 2805 .. I know you don't need one with the 3805 but I don't think the 2805 is different but the thing is, I've never ever heard of bi wiring the center, only the mains. Out of curiosity, what sort of center are you using? I do bi-wire my mains though and it seems to me that I get a clearer and more distinct sound between the mid-range and woofer ... with the 3805, you control the volume of the individual speakers with the menus; you're actually using the Denon's back speakers settings as the second amp. If the 2805 can do it, I'll send you a link to a site that will explain how rather than try to explain the process like this. I doubt that either your Denon or mine has the capicity to bi-wire the center without a second amp but you can most likely bi-wire your mains with just the Denon and no second amp but you're got to be damned sure that you mains can, in fact, be bi-wired ... if you have no binding posts you can remove to make the midrange and woofer independant of each other, you'll blow them!! ... Gerry
Hi Gerry - I'm using a Monitor Audio Silver LCR, which I've had for about a month. It is set up to be biwired - dual terminals which are currently bridged. (I think all of their speakers are biwireable). I have seen speaker cables that split a single feed to allow biwiring on the same circuit, but don't see how this would make a significant difference. It looks like your strategy is a good one, since you're using an independent amp source. But you're right, it would be tough to do this with the center!
Bi-Wiring should make a difference, it just depends on wherever or not you are an audiophile type of person with good ears!

And just to sort things out here Bi-Wiring requires two sets of speaker wire running from the same amplifier outputs to the speaker.

Whereas Bi-Amping requires two sets of Amplifiers, per speaker, one controlling the lower frequencys and the other controlling the higher frequencys.
gerry1 Suspended account
I quite agree; bi-wired can make quite a difference but I suspect that it is less remarkable with speakers that have a more colored rather than neutral sound. I notice quite a difference.

Yes, there will be two wires going to the speaker to be bi wired but SOME AVRs or regular audio receivers are already set up bi-amped in the same unit; one needn't always have two seperate units. My old Technics is one such unit, so too is my Denon 3805 and (at least I suspect), Ghost's Denon 2805. My old sony in my workroom cannot. Just depends on the unit but my point is that "bi-amping" doesn't always require two units; some have the capacity for independant amplification, seperate controls and naturally, bi-wiring speaker connections all in one unit ... just depends on the unit. I've never heard of a bi-wired center as ghost spoke of though; wouldn't such a thing require yet a third amp or a third independent division in a unit?
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I use a Wharfedale Diamond 8 Centre speaker and yes it is Bi-Wired to my Denon AVC-A1SRA Amplifier. It separates the two bass drivers from the tweeter, and in my opinion in doing so I did notice a big difference. My amp doesnt have Bi-Wiring posts on the back, instead just one set of posts per speaker, so it relies on decent speakers which can sort out the separate frequencys themselves.
And yes i am soon going to be upgrading all my speakers as the amp deserves top quality speakers and lets face it, the speakers do make 90% of the difference on most amplifiers.
gerry1 Suspended account
You're absolutely right; good speakers sure do make a difference! It's all very subjective as well. Certainly, some speakers are better than others but so too, there is so much personal taste involved. I have top of the line Mirage all the way around which my best friend doesn't like; he has top of the line Polk Audio all the way around which I don't like. Both excellent speakers to be sure, yet, a totally different sound.
I think that as long as you have quality cables, there should be no problem. Don't wire your system with standard copper wire found at radioshack. The Monitor Audio Sliver series are great speakers, though a bit bassy, so silver wire would brighten up the treble while keeping the bass at bay.

Do you have the S6 florstanders for the front? I guess that for home cinema purposes you probably have bipolar speakers for the rear.

Anyway, as far as cable is concerned, single wire is fine, just don't buy too cheap. For home cinema purposes the center speeaker is critical, as all of the dialoge comes through there.

For your kind of setup I'm guessing that the widely recommended QED Silver Anniversary cable will compliment your system beautifully.



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