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Compression % on DVD Shrink?

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Sup guys,

I did a search on the forum to inquire what's the overall goal you guys try to shoot for when compressing a dvd on shrink but the threads that I found were pretty old? Can you guys give me some current feedback? I would like to know whats the overall goal you shoot for when compressing a dvd using shrink? and how low does the percentage have to be before you really start to notice the difference in quality?

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well things haven't changed much since Shrink hasn't changed either. So the old information you found should still apply.
It's all a matter of opinion as well. Some swear they notice the differences while others claim they don't see a thing.

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I try to keep it under 10-15% but I use DVD Remake to edit out the garbage and many times it doesn't require any compression after doing so.
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I like doing all my back ups as Main Movie Only.I don't want the menus or extras,most movies you can get down to little or no compression this way.Some of the larger movies I have done still needed 25%-30% compression,at this level I have noticed a slight loss of picture quality.

if you use top quality media,lots of compression may not be an issue,i have burnt dowm to 50%,looks ok

you can play around with compression ratios in shrink

try shrinking the extras(custom) down further,giving you a little bit more on the main movie
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Mort, You try to keep it under 10-15%? Correct me if Im wrong but I thought with shrink, the higher you go the better? I've been at 65-69% but cant seem to get it any higher than that with the edits. Can anybody give me more feedback on this?

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At 65% you are using 35% compression,the larger the movie the more compression you will need.
Doing The Grudge with Shrink in the Re-Author Mode to do Main Movie Only the file size was 3844mb and needed no compression.I removed all but the 5.1 sound as well.
Other movies like Lord of The Rings,Star Wars and others still need 30%-40% compression even stripped down to the Movie Only.

Can anyone give me details on how to use the re-arthor properly? When I have tried using it my dvd does work properly (cant use the main menu, it freezes etc.) Is there a direct guide somewhere on how to use it correctly?
in reauthor mode you cannot drag and drop the menus over,did it give a error message?on shrink when attempting this?

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Follow this guide:
herbsman that guide is for reauthor indeed,but when reauthoring,you cant have working title menus,
unless i have mis-understood what he is asking??

with kind regards hursty

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It's easy to leave working menu (either shrunk or not , either way).
I normally extract all extras [use still image] & also any extra languages that are not needed ... normally leave both AC3 2CH & 6CH (if the project size isn't too large) ... but leave Menu fully intact !

no,what i was getting at was,when i reauthor dvd>drag/drop the main movie over,then attempt to drag title menus over,the warning message pops up,
"the title menus will not be functional menu's",
they will just play like a movie clip

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Use this then :

Just re-author the fekk out of it still , make extras 'still image' & no extra languages other than you need [same w/ subs].

Somewhere I thought I read that it's possible to compress the main movie and the extras at different compression rates, but I can't find that info again. Everytime I change the custom ratio on one item it changes the ratio on the other parts as well. I thought it was possible to compress the heck out of the extras while compressing the main movie just a little. What am I missing? Thanks.
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You can shrink them individually. Just highlight the one you want to compress, click on "custom ratio", then move the slider to where you want it. You can also expand the extras folder on the left and compress individual parts of the extras. You can even put a still image on individual parts of the extras. For instance, I don't like having previews of other movies. It's a pointless waste of space, but I like to keep the deleted scenes of the movie I'm backing up. Just select the ones you want to get rid of and make them still images.

Once you get the hang of it, you can download VOB blanker. With this, you can just put a blank VOB file where there was once one with data in it. You save TONS of space by doing this. The still image feature in shrink still uses quite a bit of space. By using VOB blanker, you can cut the size of individual parts of the movie/features to KILOBYTES instead of MEGABYTES. This really saves you on the compression level that is required for the main movie.

You may also want to opt to split the movie to 2 disks. You can do this with or without removing the menus. Look for a member named bbmayo. His signature has a link to his site, which has great guides for doing it both ways.
Thanks for your comments, but I just tried it again and when I adjust main movie with custon ratio than highlight "extras" and move the slider, then go back and check the main movie, the adjustment I gave to the main movie has been changed. No matter how many times I toggle between adjusting one than the other, they both change in tandem with each other. They don't both change to the same exact percentage but they stay proportional to each other. If the main movie was compressed 62 % on automatic compression and the extras were compressed 61% on automatic, then no matter where I make the custom compression, they stay just about one percent apart. Try it, I'm sure you'll get the same results using Shrink 3.2.
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I'm afraid I'm not having the same problem.

If you select "custom ratio" for the extra features and move the slider, then leave the main movie on "automatic", DVD Shrink will fill up the disk to the maximum size you specified in the settings.

As you compress the extras, shrink in turn un-compresses the main movie by the number of megabytes you save on the extras by moving the slider.

You must be doing something different.
OK, I think I'm making some progress :-) My DVD structure has four parts: Menus, Main Movie, Extras, and Unreferenced Material. When I reduced the size of the Extras, I finally noticed that all the gain in size was going to Menus and none to the Main Movie. By setting Menus as well as Extras to custom ratio and leaving only the Main Menu on automatic compression I was finally able to reduce the size of the Menus and Extras and have the gain go to the Main Movie. Thanks for your feedback.
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If you leave menus and main movie on automatic, you should still decrease the compression in both the menus and main movie, although it won't be by the same amount. DVD Shrink tries to keep the compression to about the same percentage for all parts if you use automatic.

But I always opt to have less compression in the main movie than in the menus and extras as you said. I think you're on the right track.
I try to stick around 65-70%.

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