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Drive problems: Tray wont open

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I need some help, I tried to open my dvdrom tray and it wont open. I press it and it just doesnt open. I even tried putting a pin into the manual release hole.
I need some help.
Could it possibly be driver-related?
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shut down the computer, disconnect the data cable from drive & restart computer so have power to open the drive than reconnect the data cable to see if drive opens after computer restarts again
If that does not work try this...

Brobear suggested this once in a forum thread and it worked. Remember some have kids in the house too!!!

Believe it or not, the person with the same problem had 2 dvd/cd's in the drive at the same time. With your PC off, take a small screwdriver and lightly pry the tray door open.
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Did you try clicking on My Computer, right click on the drive in question then clicking "eject"?
ddp, Im not sure what your asking me. You want me to open my computer, and pull the plug on the drive? Ive never opened a computer....yikes...
I went into the hardware profiles, disabled the drive, then enabled it and it sprang to life. Dont know the problem, but its fixed. Thanks anyways.
it's not that bad & you'll see what the inside looks like. shut down the computer, disconnect the external powercord to case as some computers still have some power(about 5v) than disconnect the wide 40 or 80 wire(40 pin connector)cable from drive, reconnect external power cable & turn on computer. than push cd tray button to see if tray pops out. if still no after a few attempts than get a new drive
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i've had this happen before.
next time, try ctrl alt delete and check what processes are running, the drive could be hung up and not responding, so cancel its task.

or go to my computer and right click on the drive and click on eject.
Nero's InCD and Roxio's D2D will sometimes do that to your drives. Are there any other reasons to NOT have packet writing software on your computer? :)

Actually, I could list a few more. :)
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Im having trouble with it, like that same guy, i just bought this new game and apparently it says the disc has got to b in the dvd drive, but it doesnt open, thers a light that flashes when i click it but nothings happend, i've gone to it n right click, eject, but still nothing happens, and im afraid to try n force it open because it seems like its about to break, n e other suggestions?
I just got it to open actually, BUT the reason y it never did open is because the belt broke.. which just fell out when i opened it, do any of you kno what its called? the DVD drive belt, it snapped... *sigh* if any of u kno wut its called that would b great, thanks
if a dvd rom drive than scrap old drive & get a new 1 as about $30Can. or get a dvd burner for about $71Can
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