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SCPH-50001/N/97016 SCPH-50010/N !!?!?!

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Please I need some help guys! I have a ps2 with a network adaper.on the box it says...
SCPH-50001/N/97016 SCPH-50010/N
so i don't know which type or version of ps2 i it good or old? Anyways....I want to play backed up games but I need someone what the cheapest version is in making my ps2 work with ANY game from ANYWHERE and any backedup dvd movies also. Please be so kind and help me.We all grow stronger if we help each other. Thank You! Your help is greatly appreciated.
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you have a V9/10 which is the newest after slim ps2. As far as playing backups, search the forum there's a lot of threads on the topic. As far as dvd movie backups go, the ps2 plays them regardless of a modchip.
thanks a lot.
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