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An idea for the guy who needs to convert PAL to NTSC:

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sadsac Suspended due non-functional email address
I recently saw a few threads by people needing to convert PAL dvds to NTSC dvds. They were getting responses telling them to "do a search. This has been answered a thousand times". I did a search and found a few threads which may or may not answer their question completely. Nothing really definitive. And I had a new suggestion that I didn't see.

I just happened to think of a little free utility that just may do this. I tried it on my own accord prior to posting this message and it SEEMED to work. I have no idea if it actually did work correctly or not. The original dvd folder and the new folder converted to PAL format played fine with my PowerDVD program. I didn't want to burn a dvd to see if it would/wouldn't work in my stand-alone player.

Right or wrong guys, it's just an idea. Give the people needing help some input.

Anyway, here goes:

I ran across this free and EXTREMELY useful tool a few weeks ago. I posted a thread with instructions on how to split an exceptionally long movie with it, leaving the original menus INTACT. That's how useful this puppy is. The proggy's called VOB blanker. Newbies are probably not familiar with it. Those who have been on here a while know it well.

Anyway, I did some digging on the functions available. This program seems to be very powerful.

For those wanting to convert PAL to NTSC, download the program. Rip your movie to the hard drive with DVD decrypter. Then open your newly ripped files with VOB blanker. Under the title set block (center of program window), you'll see your VOB files. The center column says "video format". My example says NTSC 4:3 720x480. If you right click on the VOB's you want to convert, then select "video attributes", you'll see a new window pop up. In this window, you can change the "standard" from PAL to NTSC and vice versa. You can even change the resolution in this window.

Do the above, then select or make a new output folder. Click on "process" at the bottom and let the conversion begin. You can then use DVD shrink or any other compression/burning program of your choice to burn your newly converted NTSC or PAL dvd (whichever you chose to convert to).

When I opened the new video file with PowerDVD, I could tell that the aspect ratio was different than the original NTSC standard. I converted NTSC to PAL just for a trial run.

I really don't need to do this, but I really had nothing better to do while the baby was sleeping. I have no life!!

Hope this helps. Any input/criticism from senior members would be appreciated. As I said, I'm new to all this stuff and I have no idea if this actually completely converted to the new standard or not. It might just be a masking technique which may fool some dvd players. Anyway, it's worth a try for ya'll!!!

Help 'em out, guys!
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sadsac Suspended due non-functional email address
Is this an actual PAL to NTSC conversion or a masking technique used by VOB blanker?
bassnut Suspended due non-functional email address
Actually Nero will do it all for you in the background when yopu burn your ripped movie just make sure your output stream is set to NTSC and you will be fine. I just did a couple of AVI files that were in PAL and the only difference is that Nero asked if I wanted NTSC or PAL.

hey evrey one
thanks a lot for this information
but bassnut can u show me where is output stream in nero is
also what is VOB
take care
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bassnut Suspended due non-functional email address
Once you have ripped your dvd to your hard drive ..... I will assume you used DVD Shrink .... if not .... open up DVD Shrink and use the import file option ..... or if your getting from dvd the open disk option

once you have the movie in shrink ..... click on the backup button ....

finally select your destination ..... your dvd burner and click ok. DVD Shrink uses the Nero Burning Rom as the default burner. If you are using Nero Recode for the whole process the steps are the same. For converting an AVI to dvd .... the default location for your output file is .... My Documents ..... NeroVision ..... Exported Video

a vob file is just the form that dvd movies are stored ...... like a mpeg movie.

that is about as easy as I can explain it .... have fun
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hey aman
thax alot for helpin
but if i wanan do it for a vedio game.. yesterday i tried to change it from PAL tontsc , however i got a blank sctreen . i dunno why can u help me with that

cloud 23
Just tried your technique on a PAL version of National treasure.

Did NOT work !!!!! It plays but the bottom 20% of my screen is lime green and pixelated , only cost me time and 1 disc..........
sadsac Suspended due non-functional email address
I kinda figured it was too good to be free. Oh well. It was worth a try!

Update..... I lent the disc to a friend and he said it was perfect ??????? A litle vcr grainy in the beginning but OK. I wonder if it being green has something to do with my TV or dvd player ???

Have to get the disc back and experiment some more............

Do not give up on VOB Blanker just yet......
I tried the technique too and had mixed results-my stand alone dvd player at home played it flawlessly- a Panasonic player showed a third of the picture green. Sob, sob.

I think what's happening is that the ripper removes region settings and VOB blanker adjusts the aspect ratio. The third element to convert is the frame rate-24 to 29.

I would like to congratulate "sadsac" for a brilliant effort- What alot of critics don't realize is that I've yet to see a method that retains the menus which is what sadsac was on to.

Whoa Nellie
Hi guys,

Another approach one mite use is to convert the PAL movie to AVI w/ TMPGEnc plus, or any other proggy, (TMPGENC plus does a great job), using 23 fps or 29 fps, (I believe 25 fps is for PAL ??) Then use TMPGEnc plus again to convert AVI to MPEG-2 using the NTSF format and then using TMPGEnc DVD Author to convert the MPEG-2 into VOB files.

Everything should work great.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for the input-I'll try your method when I get a chance.

One thing I was thinking-there are programs that convert the "main" movie from PAL to NTSC...Actually they all do but don't do the menus and titles. Why is that ?

There must be a way to remove the menus and titles-convert the movie and then put the menus back.

No dammit-there must be a way to convert the movie and menus from PAL to NTSC-afterall you can rip a dvd and make a back-up without losing the menus.

Calling all wizards
I'm stumped for now

Whoa Nellie
Dude! IT WORKS GREAT! I used it to convert like you said and then used Nero to burn the new files to DVD!

I spent WEEEEKS looking for an alternative to all that "multi-tasking/multi-program" mumble jumbo all the supposed "afficiandos" of burning keep slewing out at everyone in thier endeavor to further confuse everyone so that they will look superior!

SCREW those RATS! VobBlanker is THE WAY TO GO!!!

FIRST try and I get SUCCESS!

If only others on the net were more direct like yourself!

FORGET TMPEG, and all those multi "take TEN hours to convert" BS programs and advice! In 15 MINUTES I was DONE with a COMPLETE playable DVD! I STILL had the chapter stops! My menu was Grayscale black and white but still FULLY navigable!

PAL to NTSC conversion? VOBBLANKER!
Interesting for a post from March and not much follow-up...anyone else tried this out?
sadsac Suspended due non-functional email address
I'm just glad someone took the initiative to do a search and actually try out a method before posting a bunch of questions.

I like your nick, FuQu.

Glad it worked for you.

Smileys must die!

Having trouble decrypting a jibberish post? Use this tool I found and select "secret decoder ring":
Panasonics have lots of problems with the green blocks. I have asked around but never found an answer. The same DVD will play fine in any other non-panasonic player without the green stuff. Something with their decoder.
Sobchak Suspended due non-functional email address
Yo sadsac,

Followed your directions with VobBlanker precisely and it worked like a charm. Am playing the converted and ripped DVD on my Panasonic DVD-F87 as I type.

1. Ripped PAL DVD to the hard disk with DVD Decrypter.
2. Used VobBlanker to open the decrypted files on the hard disk.
3. Changed Video Attributes from PAL to NTSC with VobBlanker.
4. Set output for VobBlanker to another directory.
5. Burned result to DVD from output directory with DVD Shrink.

Resulting video appears slightly jerky, although sound is perfectly synced. Any suggestions on how to cure jerkiness in output?

Appreciate your suggestion very much.
Well done sadsac! I've tried other methods, none of which worked. Wish all posters were like you.
Hey the reason the Menus from PAL do not convert right to NTSC has to do with color "interlace"

in order to convert PAL menus to NTSC you would have to de-interlace it first and then make a NTSC out of it...too much work in my book but if any one wants to try...

program I found that does this is DVD menu studio here:
rick5446 Suspended due non-functional email address
I used AVI2DVD in DVD mode to convert PAL To NTSC..I've got a DVD Player that won't play pals..tells me unreadable after I converted it reconized it no jitters kept chapters good 5.surround S...Movie only though
rick5446 Suspended due non-functional email address
double posted sorry
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sadsac Suspended due non-functional email address
Glad to see you guys are having success with my suggestion. I haven't been here in a while, but happened to log on this morning.

Smileys must die!

Having trouble decrypting a jibberish post? Use this tool I found and select "secret decoder ring":
I'm new here. I was solely directed here because of posting this same request elsewhere.

Dude, I just want to say, "You are the shit!!!"

I really fuggin hate it when someone will post a question and just get hate spam by all those suppose to be guru's tellin them to do a search first. How do they know whether or not we have previously searched and the crap these idiots post doesn't do anyone any good.

So once again, I bow to you homie, GJ.

BTW, I will try this out over the next few hours or less. For Nero, what version should I use? Is it free from where?

Sobchak Suspended due non-functional email address
sadsac, here's an update. I've been watching my converted DVD and find that there is a lot of jerkiness in the motion on the screen. The sound is still properly synced, but sometimes the people look like they are doing "The Robot" and the screen jumps a lot.

I'm looking into developing a script for AVIsynth to do a proper conversion. Don't know how to do it myself yet. Have done much research on the issue and have discovered that anyone who knows how to write an AVIsynth script does not know how to write a coherent sentence in plain English.

No good answers so far, but I'll update this thread on my results. In the meantime, I think you have found a good interim answer to allow viewing of a PAL DVD, but it's not as perfect as I originally thought.

I can get you a toe by 3 o''clock this afternoon -- with nail polish.
Changing the framerate for video in AviSynth is easy:


The problem is that the audio will also need to be changed. If you have uncompressed 2 channel audio (which is rare) you can use this version of it:


Then you'll end up with audio at the correct length, but no longer at the correct frequency for DVD because of being stretched. You could then use VirtualDub to save the audio as a wave file and re-sample it to 48kHz with the audio application of your choice. Alternatively you could try authoring the DVD with the slightly incorrect audio sampling and see if it gives you any problems.

If the audio is compressed (AC3, DTS, MPA) you run into a few more complications. First off you need to either decompress it before using it in an AviSynth script or use an AviSynth plugin that can read it. If you want to keep the original format you also need to have software to compress it again when you're done. If there are more than 2 channels it gets much more complicated.

For changing the resolution you can use any of AviSynth's built in resizers:


The list is sorted according to how sharp the picture will end up. Generally speaking, it's recommended that the ones lower on the list be used for lowering resolution and those higher on the list are more appropriate for increasing resolution.

Hope those sentences weren't too incoherent for you to understand ;)
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