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Copytocd/dvd encountered error

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I just purchased oneclick and was trying to copy to a back up dvd. My options are extra features, menu and movie. Oneclick said the compression was 50%. It appears oneclick copied the movie as the current title was 100% and the dvd was 100%. But it appears that the disc did not finalize, as I received the following message:

Copytocd/dvd has encountered a problem and needs to close. error signature app copy to cd ver offset 00003a4e.

The dvd would not load in any other DVD players, so I'm sure it was just the finalization that did not complete.

Why am I having this problem and is there anything I can do to correct it? Oneclick states it can and will fit everything onto one dvd one sided disc. So why the issue and what can I do about it?
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Exception information is:

Code 0xc0000005
flags 0x00000000
record 0x000000000000
address 0x0000000000403a4e
Contact VSO they have great support team.

If your compressed DVD is too large or out of compliance then CopyToDVD can't do anything with it and contacting support would be a waste of your time.

What is the folder size of your compressed DVD?
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