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Burning DVD from Windows Movie maker to Nero

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This is my first attempt at this. I am trying to burn a DVD from windows Movie Maker using Nero. When I try to add the file to the nero window is say's "no compatible files. After reading the current posts I am sure that I'm missing a step or a program some where. HELP ME IF YOU CAN.
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If you are trying to backup a movie DVD you are using the wrong type of programs. Go to software at top of page and download DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter the go to this site for guide on how to use the programs

Hope this what you need
burn a DVD from windows Movie Maker
WMM only puts out either .wmv, or .AVI, and doesn't play dvds, so this wouldn't be from a dvd.
Nero cannot understand .wmv (thanks to MS).
Output your file in DV-AVI to the hard drive.
Load the AVI into Nerovision Express, author, encode, and burn.

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Hi rebootjim

I am in the same situation as coalpines, what do you mean by Author, encode? I capture in AVI in MM2 then use Neroepress3 to burn, but no luck, does not play on my computer. My evenyaul aim is to play on my home DVD player.

Thanks for feedback.
you can captue in dv-av using wmm, then use winavi to convert to dvd {vob} after that burn the vobs and ifo's etc to dvd using Nero in the video_ts folder.

i always have to split files by 1gig each, because Nero doesnt like a single VOB file to be over 2 gig. you can do this in winavi
Goto the Guides Tab at the top of this screen, you will find a section on how to generate a DVD that can play on your home DVD player if that is what you are looking for.
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