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Whats A Seed, Leech And A IRC

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I guess a seed is someone downloading an item and a leech is someone uploading it!

Well these are a bunch of things I see heeps of and still dont 100% know what they are
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IRC = Internet Relay Chat, which is exactly what it says. You can also send files over IRC.

Seed = Someone who has completed 100% of the torrent file and are now uploading to those leechers.

Leech = Someone who has not completed the torrent file and are downloading from the other leechers and seeders.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

So the more Seeds the faster the download speed?

So do I go for files with more Seeds or less Seeds or do i go for files with more Leeches or less
The more seeds a file has the faster it should go. Thats the idea behind seeders/leechers : you arent relying on just one person/place to dl from. the more leechers that are on a file , the more strain / bandwidth is being used from the seeders. Try to find an equally balanced file ; equal number of Seeders and leechers. Best situation is more seeds than leechs.
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