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USB Advance .ELF file?

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Is there a .ELF file available for the USB Advance? Or am I asking too soon? If so, is there a .ELF file available that would let me load games from my 120gb external hard drive through mc exploit?
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You can extract the elf from the image files.

Ejeet Networks MMO Gaming Solutions

Ejeet Networks MMO Gaming Solutions
So with this file you can set it as boot.elf using the exploit and it should work with a usb hd? Going to reg. at the other site if i can't get the file could you email- nick
Yeah setting it to boot.elf will work or you can juse use another app such as launchELF and put lots of elf's on your MC.

Have a good one.

Ejeet Networks MMO Gaming Solutions
i burned the cue file in to cdr i have no hd yet will be getting one this weekend but im getting insert ps1 or ps2 format disc? is that normal or am i gonna get diffrent menu screen? or am i suppose to load this in a memry card?

thanks for the help

Im having some probs trying to get the mc exploit running on the slimeline PS2. I had everything working fine on my normal PS2, but when im trying to run it on my new PS2 with the PS1 game, the game just loads!!!

Does anyone know what the problem might be, or if someone would have the cue file of a working slimeline ps2 mc exploit which i could burn id be grateful.
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ive the same problem,all went fine.
followed the guide with ease, but when i put in my psx trigger disk, it just loads as normal.????
help please.
mc exploits won't run on the slim pstwo's.
is that true??
I have heard other people on this forum talking about the eploit on slimline ps2
It's true. Check around other threads on this site....
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