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Can DVDrip files convert back to original DVD files

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hello i have a movie with DVDRip.XviD.AC3.BG.EN.Audio-Mamun and i want to convert to dvd-+r to use with home theather. but i don't know how do that and what software to use. thanks
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there are numerous programs that do this but winavi is by far the fastest.

its not free but its well worth the price.if you already own nerovision express tho,then just use that instead but its really slow (should take about 10-12 hours.winavi will take about 1.5-2 hours).

you are going to lose some quality converting dvdrips to vobs (dvd file format) tho.not majorly,but a noticeable slight loss in quality.

cd1?is it in bin format or video (avi,mpg etc) format?

if its vid,as above in the first post.
if its bin,you can burn it to cd.

if its in bin,but you want to put it on dvd anyway,download ultraiso and use it to extract the video file from the bin and then again as above in the first post

also,make sure that its the whole movie.if its called cd1,its probably not.

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