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Looking for a good BIOS for XBOX 1.6

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Hi! Just wondering if someone can recommend a good BIOS for 1.6. Also, can one tell the difference between 1.6 and 1.6b? I installed a Spice and can't get any video or audio on my TV despite the fact that all of the proper LEDS are lit up. I'm thinking maybe there is no BIOS on the chip or it's pooched. Thanks in advance!!
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flash your chip with the new x2 is compatible with 1.6 xbox's.

(do not flash with x2 4983...there is a brand new x2 bios out, but i can't remember the numbers)

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lots of led's

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400gig seagate
blue/green eject light
white controller port lights
Thanks... I'll give that a shot!! Any idea where I can find that? Is that the Xenium 2 BIOS? Sorry... I'm a real newbie here....
One more question... will I be able to flash the bios without being able to see the screen? Does it require input on my behalf? Thanks again!
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Yup, the new X2 5028 bios is compatible with 1.6 Xbox's or you could use the EvoxM8_16:)) You can find them from the usual places...cheers

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i have the same problem.. can anyone tell me how fixed.. no audio no video, no eject and turn it green it try to start 3 times. but no audio etc..
Hallo 4BMS3,

I'm a newbee too, owning a x-box 1.6 since 2 weeks.

I've the smart xx-lt-opx modchip installed, and flashed the old chromwell-bios (which ist NOT designed for version 1.6). There is not a nice resolution on the screen, but it's sufficient, to undertake other experiments.

Some problems I had with my DVD-drive Hitachi-LG 8050L, which read no burned CD's, but DVD's. I experimentally deadjusted to potentiometers on the laser unit, now it's reading self-burned CD's (but no DVD's)...

I'also like to know the difference between 1.6 and 1.6b

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