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How is the most reliable to buy a premodded PS2 from?

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I had a V7 PS2 that I blew up trying to install a DMS4 lite chip. I partially blame for taking three weeks to get me the chip and not supplying any instructions with it. Their site wasn't very easy to navigate and find online instructions. it wasn't until the damage was done that I actually found some useful instructions. Before then I was trying to figure it out using logic and the one picture I found. Of course now is not returning any of my messages. I would not buy a thing from them ever again. Quite a shady little practice those German's have over there.

Anywho, what's done is done.

I'm now looking for a, hopefully American, company to buy a premodded PS2 from. I would prefer the slimline. Right now I've got a friend telling me that is the way to go. Their prices seem okay. Their own reveiws on their own site are not glowing. But they seem to resolve any issues that come up. IS MCM the best company out there for premods? Anyone else I should be looking at?

How about the chip? I'm not thrilled with the DMS4 lite. Other than it blowing up I didn't like that it had a ribbon cable that went outside the box to this other circuit board. I don't plan on installing a hard drive. I just want to play my backed up games. Since the slimline has a network port I might also try out some online gaming. But that would be the extent of what I would do. The DMS4 pro seems to have a bunch of options which i will never use. I want a headache free playing experience. Just pop the DVD-R in and go. Any suggestions on which chip would be best for me?

If I do start gaming online are they tracing mod chips? Is there way to get around that without having a bunch of crap hanging out of my PS2? What happens if they detect a modchip?

Thanks for any and all advice or suggestion you guys can provide.

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Ok Mike, let see how much of that i can cover.
As far as a place to buy a premodded PSTwo (slim)
I got mine at
They make them to order so it will take a few weeks but mine works perfectly. I got mine with the DMS4 Pro which i think is the best chip out there. I have also heard good things about the Matrix Infinity. With the DMS4 Pro you will also need to flash the chip to give it all of the functions you see which is very easy. Just go to
and download the third party flash (ToxicOS v0.3) and burn it to a CD and play it.
After that it will play all your back up discs just like original with no swapping, it will also play dual layer back ups which are becoming more common. it will also work with AR Max so you can play your back ups with cheats. You do it the same as you would do with originals.

can you turn them off for online gaming...YES
go to my page, click on the picture of the mod chip for instructions for a few of the more popular chips.

I have not done much online gaming but from what i have heard some site have a way of detecting if you are using a modchip and will not let you connect. I guess they figure if you have a mod chip you are pirating games and not buying them so they block you. this means that you will have to have the original to play online because you will disable the modchip for those sites.

hope this has been at least a little helpful

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You can try http://www.steelcityelectronics as well, they offer premodded systems and allow you to send your's in to get it modded.

Otherwise, check out Steimy's sites above as they are good also!

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Thanks for the help guys. I was a little impatient and went ahead and ordered a premod. I went with and got the matrix premod, chrome case, and shipping for $320. Whisch is what some of the other sites were just selling the premod for without shipping. So the deal is good, but hopefully the machine will live up to my expectations.

Thanks for the help guys. Any idea where I can grab the 1.4 firmware update for the matrix chip?

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Well, you could have gotten a brand new modded ps2 with a crystal chip or matrix infinity and had insured priority mail return shipping for $270 from They also offered a 60 day warranty. But oh well, as long as your happy with what you got that is all that matters.

You can get the newest firmware on the Matrix website, or just go here:

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Thanks for the heads up on the firmware upgrade pimpdawg. Yeah I was a little impatient, but if you take the new case out of the equation I ended up spending $278 shipped. Plus that's a brand new(not refurb) slimline(w/fix). Steelcity is only offering V7 and V9 PS2s and probably used ones at that. Plus something on their site didn't seem right. They say their V7s had network adapters. But I had a V7 and it doesn't have a network adapter. I'm not sure what version they started coming out with the NIC, but I don't think it was V7.

I've heard good things about MCM. But the only people that have said that are people that just ordered chips. I'm the first one of my friends to buy a premod from them. So I guess we'll see.

One nice thing about them is they are sending me periodic updates as to what phase my PS2 is in. That's kind of nice in this day and age of online ordering. Let's hope the unit lives up to the claims. I'll report back with what I find out.

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Well, good luck!

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Just for an update. The unit is running great although I wish i had skipped on the chrome case. I really didn't realize how small the slimlines were, especially compared to my old V7. But the chrome case looked cheesy and definitely not worth the $30 orwhatever I paid for it. The pictures on their site look way better than these things do in real life. I'd say skip it to any prospective buyers. But the unit itself has been running great.

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hahaha, well thx for the update!

Things always look better in pictures don't they!

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I was thinking of buying a premodded ps2 with a matrix infinity that comes with 1.39 firmware from I was wondering does this sit sell the real matrix infinity or the fake ones? Also, can the matrix infinity with 1.39 firmware play cd and dvd rips off the internet.
I was thinking of buying a premodded ps2 with a matrix infinity that comes with 1.39 firmware from I was wondering does this sit sell the real matrix infinity or the fake ones? Also, can the matrix infinity with 1.39 firmware play cd and dvd rips off the internet.
Yes it is the real matrix infinity and yes it does play stuff ripped off the internet.

Here is the site to the chip:

They are up to 1.54 fireware update. I suggest updating as you will gain hard drive support and the ability to play DVD9 disks.

I had a good experience with

I've just taken a look at team matrix's website (you know, the people who make the Matrix Infinity) and there doesn't appear to be a v1.39 firmware. There's firmware: v1.36, v1.46, v1.5 and the latest v1.54. I'd personally be a little cautious of people selling a pre mod + infinity with anything less than v1.5 firmware. There were lots of clone matrixs going around that were apparently flashed with v1.36 firmware. I've also heard some good stuff about and his prices are pretty reasonable too.
I got my Matrix from and it works great. I would recommend them but I got my PS2 chipped quite a while ago (a little over a year) so I don't know how they are doing now.

If you have an online modchip store in mind check out what other people have to say about their experience with such a store at
My box came with 1.39 firmware so I know it exists. I pulled my firmware updates off the very site I posted and those went flawless as well. I've known a few other people who ordered from and they all had positive experiences. I was the first to order a premod, but they lived up to the reputation.

If you want to know a place to stay away from it's I went to them first and after being ignored when I had problems and basically being ripped off. I went in search of personal references. Modchipman got the best personal references. So I took a chance being the first premod and I don't regret the decision at all (except about the chrome case :P).

Just my opinion. Not trying to be a salesman for them, but I know it can be a tricky decision getting a modded or premodded system when there are so many little companies out there. When the PS3 comes out I probably won't even buy one till MCM releases their premodded version.

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