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This fixed my nerovision freeze problem...

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Yes and i'm goin to try to eplian it in detial. My projects would start encoding and about a minute to 3 minutes in the time left would not change and the progress bar did not move. i did not recieve error message. the program was running fine according to task manager. anyway i had to change the video setting here is how that is done.

open nerovion

add video or open a project

now there is a button at the lower left that says "more"
click it

click on video options

on the general tab I selected the enable smartencoding (This one, I believe, doesnt matter but i have it selected)
on the dvd-video tab i reset the encode mode to fast encode(1pass)
i also set the audio format to automatic

this made mine work. i in no way am saying it will make urs work.
I thought maybe my computer wasnt fast enough or had enough ram or something but i dont really know much.
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this is turning into total bs so i am sorry if i peed anybody off. i made these changes and the program burned 1 more disc 4.37gbs in super long play. again sorry if this made ppl mad. i know i got mad with the program. but i have came up with something just for fun. i am going to send emails to Nero as often as i can.

the idea of what Nero does is great. i wish i could find a similar program that actually works. i need both the authoring and transcoding features for my movies. i like being able to make my own custom menus
anybody know of a program that can do everything nerovision can't

Pentium 4 3.2GHz HT
1536mB pc3200 Ram
200GB hard drive
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