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Unable to lock volume for exclusive acess

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I am trying to make a copy of world championship poker i can get the iso on my hardrive with decrypter unfortunatley when it come time to burn i get this error message
DeviceIOcontrol(FSCTL_LOCK VOLUME) failed!
Device: (0;0;0) GENERIC DVD RW 8XMAXOI (G:) (USB)
Unable To Lock Volume For Exclusive Access
Reason:Acces is denied

Anybody knowswhat it means??

Thank you!!
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First of all, if you have Norton Antivirus or any of the Norton products running on your computer, this is the error you will get. The probable reason for this is that there is a known flaw in Norton products. If you have the ISo file located on the same hard drive that Norton Products are installed, you will definitely get this message. You either have to shut it down at the time of making this copy or just simply uninstall it. Second, you can try close all the programs that might be accessing the drive at the moment to make sure no programs are accessing the drive except DVD Decrypter. Then shut down DVD Decrypter and restart the program. That should fix it. Access is denied simply means some programs are using the drive at the moment, that's y DVD Decrypter cannot use it. "Unable to lock volume for exclusive access" simply means the piece of info, the bit, the iso file is being used (some how like Norton Antivirus scans over it), that' sy DVD Decrypter cannot lock on it. Device IO Control simply means an input device which is the drive you're using.
i agree,...i totally shut down all anti virus app' before burning anything

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I found the problem DVD santa was locking my drive!!!!


Thanks for the replies!!
How can u tell what programs are accessing this drive?
only certain programs need to access the drive when it run. So it's not like a trivial question when it comes to this. Example Nero might lock on the drive when it runs, make other applications unable to access it. Microsoft word doesn't.
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I receive this error as well. If I stop my Defender Pro Antivirus and click retry will that help?
Also I am trying to burn MAIN MOVIE DVD Shrink what do I put as the Select Target Image? Am I ok to allow it to make its own file on C Drive or should I put it somewhere else?
Am I to direct it to the file I saved the ISO in?

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