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Problem With Using Folder2iso and DVD Decrypter

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After first using DVD Decrypter in the File mode to create a video image file of a movie I wanted to backup and then usuing the Folder2iso program that was the subject of a recent Afterdawn article to create an ISO file (per the directions in that article), and after DVD Decrypter seemed to work very well when it recognized the ISO file created by Folder2iso and burned a DVD using that ISO video image file, I was surprised to see that when I tried to play the newly burned DVD, the new DVD was "invisible" to the player (Power DVD). The player program states that there is no DVD disk in the DVD drive when in fact it is there.

What did I do wrong? Do I have to do anything (e.g, format the DVD disk) before burning the ISO file created by Folder2iso?

Thank you.

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Hi there,

To have a Video DVD be in the proper format, you need 2 directories (Actually just the 1 VIDEO_TS might work ! )

AUDIO_TS (always empty)
VIDEO_TS (Where your .IFO and all your .VOB files are)

The ISO you made, does it have those directories ?

If yes, PowerDVD should be able to see it, when you select your DVD Drive (Should/will display your DVD Media Label)

I'm sure you know, but DVD Decrypter can also READ in ISO mode, so it will read your DVD media and create an .ISO on it's own.

Of course, if it's a DVD9 it will need to be shrinked before you can burn it !

This way you won't need Folder2ISO to create it.
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i uesd folder2iso and it doesnt make a playable udf/iso! i had to use iso with tmpgenc (which i always used!) to get it right on the SAME FILES!!!!

it didnt work for me anyhow! as i test iso with nero virtual drive then to powerdvd folder2iso sucked! same files in tmpgenc worked great!

go figure?
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