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Using Subtitles in Avi files

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Hello all of you dawners.
Im new to all this divx, vidx 3ivx and all this stuff but I have a problem,
I have a avi movie, and a have a seperate subtitle file ( .srt ), the movie is in chinese or something so i need this subtitle, but i have no idea how to view the movie with the subtitles! (btw im on a mac)

please help.
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Use mplayer or VLC.
oh thanks, it works :)
oh thanks, it works :)
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celtic_d: I have the same problem for years and finally I tried your suggestion and it works. Now I need to burn my with srt.subtitles? Would you know how to do that? If so, please send me few lines explaining the process. Thank you in advance
Not sure what burning app you use, but basically you just start an ISO data compiliation and drag the AVI and srt over. Make sure that they are named the same for 1 srt or,,, etc. for multiple.
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celtic_d, I'm using Burn4free with excellent results. I will try your suggestion, although I'm not very clear about "start an ISO data compiliation". I understand how to drag the files with the proper extensions, but I can't see them to be "joined" at the burning stage. Anyway, there is nothing to lose by trying. I'll let you know. Thanks again!
Burn4Free? I thought that you were on a Mac? (Same problem as KjartanS (displaying subs on a Mac))

Burning won't join or alter the files in anyway. Burning just means taking something and burning it from one source to a CD/DVD or other optical disc.

It you want to alter the files such as muxing subs into the AVI via AVIMuxGUI, muxing AVI and subs to a DivX file via fuse, hard encoding subs to the AVI via AVISynth and VirtualDubMod or converting to DVD with subs then you need to do it before burning.
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celtic_c, that's exactly what I was suspecting! The files won't join just by burning them. What I need is the instructions to put them together with one of the programs you've mentioned. I have no idea what to use or how to do it. All I know is that I have an AVI. file and a SRT. file. I need to join them and burn them into a DVD. Can you help me
with this?
I have the same problem as Lumoam

Would love it (Keegan style) if someone can give us a step by step guide (basically a dummies guide) on how to do this

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you can try asy video joiner it can join any file with diffrent extension all you have to do is to get the latest version

Here is how it work first after you install it you start the program it will open up click the add button select the files that you want to join.

then chose an output folder click join you should be good to go

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