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joining two avi files together

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does anybody know of a program i can download to join the avi files together?
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Here is a guide for converting AVI files and you can use DVDShrink to join them together and burn with either DVDDecrypter or other burning program

how do i use DVD Shrink to join them together?
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i use dvd santa and its very easy to use. I never knew you could join with dvd shrink
Joining two movies or files using Shrink

or u can use'eo video' great app it has a converter and a joiner suite.
You can also use VirtualDub if the AVI files have similar properties:
Same resolution (ie, 640x480)
Same audio sample rate (ie, 48khz)

And it's free. It's easy to check. Just open VirtualDub, and open the first AVI file. Then go back up to 'file' and 'append AVI segment'.
If it gives you and error, then you can't use VirtualDub.

If it doesn't, then go to the 'video' drop-down, and select 'direct copy' so it doesn't spend a lot of time re-encoding. Then hit 'save AVI As' and you're done.

-dog3y3...frequent victim of digital alzheimers
DVTool is fast
The easiest software to do the job is "avi joiner", in just 3 clicks u join both AVI files to one and its really fast and really awesome!
will it work for joining/joining 2 VCD's (say part 1 on disk 1 and part 2 on disk 2) into 1 avi or dvd?
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Racing, you should use ISOBuster to extract you .dat files of your VCDs to your hard drive and then merge them. It;s really simple to use and FAST...

Check this place for a guide

Have fun
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hi, im using VirtualDub and i tried joining the files but they had different audio samples,, what can i do to convert one files audio to be the same as the other? or can i use another file to join them even though theyre audio is different


I seem to have the same problem as the above.

I have an two avis that I had saved on two separate cdrs to save space on my pc a year ago or so. I now have a dvd burner, so I loaded the AVI files on my pc and wanted to burn them on a dvd. I tried to use virtual dub to join them, although I get the following error:

It seems that just one of the files has this problem. I dont want to compromise the quality of the picture, and joining re-encoding with WinAvi did make the quality completely awful. Any ideas how to do so?

I may have sent you an empty message by mistake. My apologies.

Anyway, I think I have the problem solved. If you looked at the thread, I seemed to have a similar problem as you. I had two avi files that I saved onto cdr because they were large, and then I wanted to burn them on dvd, but obviously needed to convert them.

So, the problem first of all was that the AVIs had been encoded with different audio. So I needed to re-encode them.

What you need to do is use VirtualDubMod. It can be downloaded for free at

Now... I am under the impression you need VirtualDub also as well as VirtualDubMod to do this, so have both apps handy.

Go here to get the actual info on the process for demuxing the AVIS and then Remuxing them as well.

Scroll down to the header: How do I demultiplex a MPG,AVI,DivX,ASF? and read, read, read, and test!!! It should all work for you.

If you need additional information or have any questions on vocabulary or what exactly to do, let me know.

I will also post this on the forum, because this is great information on what to do in this situation. I can do some editing and maybe the mods/admin can make this a pinned topic.

I am sure there are more than two people who need to join AVIs which have different audio sampling rates and cannot join them because of this problem. Additionally, I am sure there are people that want to burn them afterwards as DVD. I am not a pro in any regards... but I did spend some time here on this and I think this information can be useful.

I did have a problem afterwards with the dvd repeating after it was finished. I think, however, this may have been because of the original AVI, not becuause of error on my part.

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sorry but im still having problems. o and btw the link was broken. the guide that is. ok so what i want to do is join AVI files to AVI. thats it. theres alot of to DVD/SVCD?.. i just want 2 avi's to be one. i tried using virtual dub and got no luck. but i did find out that one of the sampling rates is off. so can someone tell me a better way. i also have ImToo but it seems like i can only use DVD/IFO/ or MPEG files. so if anyone can help me change this stuff to simply AVI it would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

The link isnt broken... sometimes you have to be patient and wait for the page to load, because its an advertisement at first and its redirecting you to the site. The guide is there... believe me.

Read the info that I gave you above your post and if you still cant do it with all the infomation I gave and the information in the guide, then send me a private message and I can help you further.

I had two avis that were of different sampling rates and finally got it to work after trying for a long time... but finally I got it.

Get back with me either way and let me know.

Good luck!!!
alright i got it to work. the only problem is that now the finished AVI is way too big. for ex i tried it with one movie and the final AVI {working} was 93gb and then with another it was 11gb (both avi's are only 1.5gb). is there someway i can make this smaller because a 93gb AVI is a big problem.

NINETY-THREE GIGABYTES??? Man.. what are you doing?? :)

Ummm... lets go step by step.

They shouldnt be more than say about 400mb to 800mb each. But I suppose about 1.5gb is not "that" bad. If you are winding up with over 3gb files for avi... I think you are doing something wrong... or starting out with files are are too big for being avi, in my opinion. The reason people make avi is because dvd files are so huge.. such as 4.7 to about 8 gb files... and making the avi is so compressed, and the video/audio loss is usually not that noticable to the novice user.

Anyway... if your ultimate goal is to combine the two avis and then make a dvd from that... lemme know. We can go step by step... but I need to know the sizes of your starting avi files. After that... tell me what you did with them.

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Try DVD Santa....available on
most forums...its a simple to use
to -mm-: yea im just trying to get two avi's into one thats all. i dont need it in dvd format. just a working AVI is fine. um for the 93gb one im not exactly sure how big the 2 orginals were cause i deleted them but i know they were under a gig. it happened again when i tried to combine two avi's (1.5gb Total) and the final AVI was 11gb. what am i doing wrong here?

to fbj65: i tried to use dvdsanta but it wouldnt let me convert AVI to AVI which is what i want to do.

DVDSanta is crap...anyhow, here's how to join two avi's in VirtualDub.

Open AVI 1.
Select video, direct stream copy. Select Audio, full processing. Select File, Save AVI.
Save it with a new name, don't overwrite the original.

Open AVI 2.
Do exactly the same as AVI 1.

Open the NEW AVI 1.
Select File, append AVI, and open the new AVI 2.

Select video, direct stream copy, Select File, save AVI.

This works for avi's that have a different AUDIO bitrate.

For videos that have a different VIDEO bitrate/framerate, etc., in STEP 1, select Video, Full Processing. Select Video, framerate. Select "Convert to fps", and input the desired framerate. (Only do this if you MUST change framerate, so both video's have the same one).
Select Video, Compression, and choose a codec. Select File, Save AVI.
Do exactly the same in step 2, choosing the same codec, framerate (if necessary), and compression.
Go to STEP 3.

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Cheers, Jim
thanks man that actually worked! now its only 2gb which is better than 11gb. anyways how do u split an AVI cause as i said before i only have the 93gb AVI file. so i need to split and do your method over again.

Open it in virtualdub.
Select the first frame of the portion you DO NOT want, click the Mark In button.
Select the last frame of the portion you DO NOT want, click the Mark Out button.
Hit the DEL key on your keyboard.
Click File, Save avi.
Repeat as necessary.
This will save a new avi, of the portion you DID NOT select or delete.
Note: This does not actually Delete anything from your computer.

A 93GB avi doesn't mean anything. If you think this is too large to put on one DVD, it may not be. The running time of the avi, and the bitrate selected for the encoded mpg, determine the file size.
An uncompressed avi, although 93GB, may only have a running time of 40 minutes, which will easily fit on a disk. A DivX compressed version of the same avi, will have the same running time, but may only be a few meg.
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i dont get what your saying. i know that the AVI file is 2hours long. i dont want to put it on dvd. i need it to take up less space on my computer so if needs to be a DivX compressed AVI then so be it. but i just need to know how to do that. because i dont want to delete any of the movie. so im asking how do i compress an AVI with DivX?

Open it in VirtualDub, select Video, Compression, DivX, then select File, save as AVI.

Black holes are where God divided by zero...
Cheers, Jim
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