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Hey Arc,
any chance you could let me have that topmenu...Please :)
Sorry to be a bum :)
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i got another shape on my XMB bu tit looks stupid. and that topmenu i got keeps going back to tis original position !!! really annoying.

psp life = 2.6-1.5 > Custom Firmware Harley G's > 2.0 > 1.5 > C/FW XxPSPmadxX > 2.0 > 1.5 > 2.71 SE-C>swapped 2.5>2.6>1.5>2.0>1.5>3.03 OE-A>3.03OE-B/3.03OE-C
2.80 downgrading guide...
TA-082 downgrading guide..
TA-082 2.80 downgrading guide..
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