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Microsoft Surface Pro to cost $999 with 128GB storage

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Microsoft has finally unveiled the pricing for their upcoming Surface Pro tablet. The tablet, which runs on Windows 8 Pro as opposed to the current Windows RT-based versions, will start at $899 for a 64GB model and reach a cool $1000 for the 128GB model. Each of the stated models will come with a stylus but will not include a Touch or Type cover, which cost $100-$130 and are what make ...

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Originally posted by bdaleypsu:
All you commentators who say you don't think it's overpriced...are YOU planning to buy one?
Of course.. have the RT now.. giving that to my wife to replace her kindle... Im just waiting for the preorder email.
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Originally posted by Royyan:
I think they are a little bit expensive, since there are many great but less-expensive product on the market. Its price is not competitive at all.
Especially when you have to pay extra for the case/keyboard.
I'd rather have an iPad and that's why Microsoft is the world's most irrelevant company?
Saw one of these things on "Elementary" last night. Sherlock made a big deal about attaching the keyboard and opening the kickstand.
It was kinda cool, but kinda obvious.

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?
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