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Goldman Sachs: PlayStation 4 could 'cause downward spiral' for Sony

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Goldman Sachs had some harsh words for the PlayStation 4 and its parent, Sony. The bank's lead analyst Takashi Watanabe (of Goldman Sachs Japan), says the console could send Sony into a "downward spiral." "In addition to dedicated consoles, we see little reason for developers to produce top titles for platforms with a low installed base; in turn there is a danger the installed base ...

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I can not foresee the PS4 doing that bad. I mean most people in Japan just buy Sony consoles. Sony also has a ton of popular exclusives. I think the PS4 will still sell great even with all the crap that went down with the PS3. I think Microsoft has a big advantage with nothing confirmed yet. I have a feeling they where waiting to see if the parts they have will not be as underpowered as there competition.

I also think this generation the big 3 have to play a big game and bring the competition to the max. People can't afford to buy multiple consoles anymore. They have to really zone in and give both the hardcore and core market what they want from a console. Also having games for your console that are worth the price tag and not just another title with a higher number slapped on it.
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Originally posted by xtago:

Lol not a fanboy here.
Correct, I own both Xbox & PS3.

Originally posted by xtago:

I just find it odd that goldman scachs is saying the PS4 will fail because they aren't selling it as a entrainment box when all the hardcore people who actually buy the thing will buy it for the games.
Perhaps that's because 'hardcore gamers' are no longer as important or relevant as they like to imagine themselves?

Wii (like phones & tablets) has opened up new markets which are not only far larger than the self styled 'hardcore' but are also growing (ie making money) in a way the 'hardcore' is not.

Without the boost 'casual gamers' (as the self-styled hardcore often seem to love to sneer) many devs would be in serious trouble or have simply vanished.

Originally posted by xtago:
While I agree about the investor thing I don't agree with Sony doing bad certains parts of the world will be going up and down and parts of the company will be doing good and bad.
Put it like this, things are so bad Sony had to sell off its Manhatten HQ to raise $1.1 billion.
(and yes, they publicly said it was done to raise cash)

That's not a symptom of a company doing well.....and it is not being a fanboy to point this out.
They said it.

Originally posted by xtago:
With this being US based it's probably not worldwide and only based on the US Sony shares.

I think you'll find investors all over take notice of what people like Goldman say.
That and the years of dire financial results (for the Sony Corp overall, not just in the USA).
Plus things like Sony having to admit that they needed to raise a lot of money and chose to do it very publicly flogging off their US HQ building.

Still, if you think it's being a fanboy knowing & saying this stuff in an article about advice to investors about Sony's future then pay no attention.
It's your call whether to inform yourself or stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and shout to drown out any comment you don't want to hear.

That's what I'd call being a true fanboy, wouldn't you?
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Sony has been in a downward spiral for quite a while now, and it's internal disputes aren't helping either.

I'll edit in a link later, gotta go to bed now.

Originally posted by ZippyDSM:
Goldman Sachs is teh downward spiral of the financial industry....we in the hell did we not jail them all I will never understand..... fcking treason all around.......

That aside.....

I hope it dose take them down, its the most anti consumer thing yet.....

They are a part of the Federal Reserve system, in a manner of speaking, which is why they get away with murder and get to insure other peoples bad loans.

"In addition to dedicated consoles, we see little reason for developers to produce top titles for platforms with a low installed base; in turn there is a danger the installed base will not grow because the content lineup is weak,"
I've been saying this basically for some time now.
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