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DVDDecrypter and Folder2Iso

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I am having a problem with DVDs created with Folder2Iso. I convert a Video_TS file to Iso with Folder2Iso and burn it with DVDDecrypter. When I try to play it on a stand alone DVD player, it can't read the disk. I have tried this with a number of DVDs and it always can't play disk. Burning the Video_TS with Nero the DVDs play OK. I have downloaded a DVD iso and burnt with DVDDecrypter and it played OK. Folder2Iso seems pretty straight forward, I am stumped as to what the problem could be.
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basically it doesnt make a udf/iso or some thing like that, but it doesnt work with folder2iso...

just use other apps...

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Thanks for the reply. The reason I tried Folder2Iso is that I am making a demonstration for my computer club about backing up DVDs using freeware alone. DVD Decrypter is a very good burning program, but only burns iso or img files. Would you be able to point me in the direction of a freeware program that creates iso or img files that Decrypter can use. Thanks!

not sure on free? i use TMPGEnc dvd author to make iso's

oh dam forgot this one! hehehe ignore drawing on picture its old!

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dont you shrink your dvd's then? just rip and burn them?

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I use DVD Rebuilder with Cinema Craft Encoder to backup my DVDs. As I said earlier I am trying to use all freeware for my club demonstration. I just followed your DVD Shrink example and it worked fine. Thanks!

kool - i use avi2dvd for dvd to dvd (main movie only) it has 4 built in encoders or can use CCE

avi2dvd is free also!

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