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How do I play .mp4 video in Windows Media player?

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I used to able to play .mp4 video files in Media player- i recently un-and-re installed my video codecs, so I was wondering which codec would be best for mp4 playback? I curently have Divx5 pro and Xvid, along with the latest FFDShow codecs installed. Have I mis-configured anything, or do I need more codecs in order to view mp4 video?
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Best thing to do is go to and download the showtime player. It will automatically install the codecs.

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Envivo made some codec plug-ins that worked with all the main players. Windows Media Player, Real Player and Quicktime Player.
They are no longer available from Envivo, but can still be found elsewhere.



I am not really sure what the difference in these are.
The H.264 version of MPEG-4 is what is used on some satellite broadcasts and Internet broadcasts, especially these from Vietnam.
I don't know how it is different from the type of MPEG-4 that the regular EnvivioTV-1.5 plays.
All you need ontop of FFDShow is a splitter such as Haali's.
I d/l'ed Haali's splliter, installed, checked register .mp4, but WMP still can't play the file. What codec(s) do you guys use to watch .mp4 video?
ffdshow and Haali's splitter is seriously all you should need. FFDShow supports ASP MPEG-4, AVC and AAC decoding. Check your FFDShow config and make sure that it is actually enabled to handle them though.
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