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ps2 to pc via lan

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i found the following tutorial on how to connect the ps2 to the pc via lan. is there any other way to do this? cause i don't have a ps1 game and is too lazy to buy one.

i was thinking that since a ftp server could be installed in the ps2, couldn't i use that to connect to the ps2 hd and install via ftp using hdl dump?
Step 1 - FTP

To start off you will need to be able to FTP to your Playstation 2.

For this part you will need to connect your PS2 HDD to your computer. You will have to open your PC case to connect the HDD. Watch the jumper setting if you connect it to a slave channel.

Now you will need to download ExecFTP 0.68 and CDGenPS2 3.0.

Extarct both of the files and run CDGenPS2.

Now drag SYSTEM.CNF from the folder you just extracted ExecFTP to, into the right hand side of CDGenPS2.

Right click on the SYSTEM.CNF in CDGenPS2, select edit, check 'FIX LBA' and type '12231', then OK.

Drag CONFIG.DAT and EXECFTP.ELF into CDGenPS2, click image and save as '.iso' in your ExecFTP folder.

Download and extract hdl_dumb 0.7.3. Now install the image you just created to your localy connected PS2 HDD using this program.

Step 2 - Connecting

Connect your PS2 to your PC using a crossover network cable or hub/switch/router.

Boot your PS2 using HDLoader/HDAdvance and run your newly installed ExecFTP software. You should end up with FTP Server initialized on port 21...!

Now run FlashFXP on your PC and press F8 for Quick Connect. In the 'Server or URL' box type '' (this should be the IP of the PS2). Chose the 'toggles' tab and clear 'Use passive mode'. Now hit 'Connect'.

You should now have a FTP connection to your PS2.

Step 3 - Install the hdl dumb server

Download titleman from PS2 Independance and extract to your c:/ drive.

Open command prompt Start>Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt and type 'cd \' to get to c:/> and type 'titleman -c' to create TITLE.DB and then type 'titleman -a SLES_008.44'

SLES_008.44 should be repalced with the ID of your PS1 game. Found if you open the disk in explorer.

Go and find the TITLE.DB file on your c:/ drive and copy it. Now go to the folder you extracted hdl_dumb 0.7.3 into and select paste.

Rename the hdld_server.elf to BOOT.ELF THIS MUST BE IN CAPS.

Go back to FlashFXP where you should still have a connection to your PS2. In the left hand window select your hdl dumb folder. In the right hand window select 'MC > 0 > B*DATA-SYSTEM'.

Now copy BOOT.ELF & TITLE.DB from the left window to the right. Disconnect the FTP.

Step 4 - The end

Insert your chosen PS1 Game into your PS2 and restart. This should now boot to the hdl dumb server.

Re-open hdl dumb and change 'Target' to 'Networking Server, at'. The software should connect to your PS2 and be ready to install games.

Now to install/run games using the PS2 use the HDLoader disk. To install games using your networked PC use the PS1 disk.

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i found another tutorial and is pasted below. afer following it, i can now access the 3 folders in my ps2(hdd, mc, psf). can't i just use hdl dump to install the game to the hdd folder?

Before you start you need the following items at hand:

PS2 Indepen
Network Adapter
HDloader retail version
NAD (Network Access Disc), only needed if FlashFXP dont connect.
ExecFTP 0.68
WinHIIP (or other dumping tool)
CAT5 Crossover Network Cable (If you are using ICS with PC)
Straight CAT5 Network Cable (If PS2 network adapter connects to a router)

First of all format the HDD using HDloader (you have to do this 1st time with HDloader anyway). Once that is done stick the HDD into your pc and switch it on. Download WinHIIP, ExecFTP, CDGenPS2 and FlashFXP.

Once you have downloaded all of those you are going to need to make an image (which consists of ExecFTP 0.68) which you can then inject onto the PS2 hdd using WinHIIP.

Extract ExecFTP into a folder and place the CDGenPS2 onto the desktop (its only 1 file). Run CDGenPS2 and drag and point the SYSTEM.CNF file (from the folder with ExecFTP in it) into the right hand side of the CDGenPS2. Then right click on the system.cnf and click on and select edit. Check the "Fix LBA" box and set the LBA to 12231 (very important!). Now drag the rest of the files into CDGenPS2 (should only be EXECFTPS.ELF and CONFIG.DAT). Once you done that click on the IMG button on the left hand side and save the image to the desktop for easy access.

Now run WinHIIP (should have extracted that into folder first) and then select the drive that you formatted in the PS2 using HDloader (it will say PS2 next to the size of the hard drive). Now you are gonna have to inject the image you created with CDGenPS2. Click on Add Image(s) and then browse for the image (it should be on the desktop if u took my advice) , select it and then click on start. Once that has finished you will need to turn off the pc and then remove the hdd and put it back in the ps2.
Now start HDLoader using the original disk and run ExecFTP via the GUI menu and it will go to a black screen and it will say that it has started a server on Port 21 on the TV. Leave that running and now to install FlashFXP on the PC. Once that it is done run it. Now create a FTP connection to using port 21 and anonymous. Also in the toggles tab uncheck passive mode. Now click on connect and it will connect to the ps2 for you and you should see 3 folders (hdd, mc, psf). If it does not connect you will need to statically assign your ps2 an IP address using the NAD (more info about this can be found by googling it).[/quote/

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