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vlc player sound problems

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Hello there, I have been using VLC player for ages with no problems. then about a month or so ago when I used it to play bin files the audio was a horribly distorted.

I've tried other bin files and they all act the same way. I've also tried reinstalling VLC to with no affect.

I've burned a few bin files to disc to check the final sound quality and its fine!

Help please I'm losing my mind!!



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I think bin files have to be burnt to cd first and then it is converted into whatever format it is supposed to be. I don't think bin files are supposed to be opened with any media player. I may be wrong but that's what I think it's supposed to be like. Also CUE files are burnt with the bin file.
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thanks Weazel, but I know how to burn bin files etc... but VLC media player will play them without having to burn them to disc which is quite handy since I just watch most of my films through my TV via the PC and then delete them.

This was going ok but then for some reason VLC would sound terrible but the picture is fine. Anybody having similar problems?

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Go to


----> Advanced [x]
-----> Audio
------>Audio Output Module (Choose Win32 waveOut extension output)

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