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how to set new parental controls on ps2

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i have just recieved a second hand playstation 2 and i don't know the password to changed it. it won't even let me play the dvd section, can someone help me please?
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To the best of my knowledge.. the SUPER-DUPER unlock code.. is...................... 7444

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yep it is 4777
when the enter password screen comes up press select button and just enter that and it will delete the password
then the next time you play a DVD it may aske you to set it.
just do this.
1.enter a new password
2.confirm password by entering again region option and press X
4. select your region and press X level and press X
6.choose the off option and turn off parental controls

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is it 4777 or 7444.......?
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It is 7444 you have to use this code to reset the parental control setting.The steps you should use are:

1.Pop in a Dvd movie(anyone will work)
2.While you are watching the Dvd movie,press the select button and a small menu should come up.
3.Go to setup and you will acces a menu with parental control setting.
4.When it asks you for a password enter in the 4 digit number 7444
5.It will again ask you to type in the password.
6.Now type in any code such as 0000
7.Scroll down on the movie ratings option to where you are highlighting the word off.

After following these steps you shouldn't have a problem with the parental control password anymore.

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Ok I do all the steps above I set the parental controls to OFF

next time I put in the movie I have to enter a password again and it isn't even the one I set.. so i back to square 1 again... what am I missing?

am I missing something that saves the Password I designated & OFF to the PS2?


I fixed it.. Apparently you have to actually watch at least a couple mins of the movie in order for it to save the info... once I played the movie for a min and then shut it off and went back to it.. it took it like a charm...

Thanks again for the info guys
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