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How do u put roms on your psp????

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Help me plz im new to this stuff i kinda know like some stuff like put the internetr on the psp and music and images ect ect.....

O and i have one more question When put the internet onto your psp can u use it like anywhere u want or just near a computer??

Any help is very nice

Thanks, Mike
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first, download the emulater for the type of rom you have. then download the Kxploit tool(get them both at unzip the emulator and start up the Kxploit tool, it will ask for the file name in the first column, just give it any name. then it will ask for the EBOOT.PBP file directory. tell the proggy where the EBOOT>PBP file is(where you unzipped it) then it will ask where is you psp (connect your psp via USB and go to my computer and see what drive letter says the psp) then go back to the Kxploit and select the letter. then click Generate and then you will get a pop up window telling you it worked. now go to my computer and go to X/PSP/GAME/EMULATOR U CHOSE, then place the rom(s) next to the EBOOT>PBP file and your all set, just ignore the SECOND EMULATOR U CHOSE%, and if you find a curropted data when running the emu, ignore it DO NOT DELETE IT>
hope that helps-solargame
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Ty Thats Exactly wat i was looking for :D...

Can u anser my second question... If u put intrnet onto your psp can u play it anywhere u want or just at some places?

Ty For The Post onto how to Emu's on my psp
Do you mean the Online Browser? if you do, you can only surf the web in Hot Spots,(places with a wireless network or modem).
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O so lets Say im in the car with my psp can i surf the web like that?
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no becuase there is no wireless router( a peice of hardware that sends internet signals from a wall outlet or modem).
thats not entirely true if ur near a largly owned buisness than usuyally they have a modem 4 camers and have internet it just depends

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PPPLLLLEEEASSSE!!! some generous soul out there tell me how and where to find and put games/roms of nes/nething exc. on my psp. i'm not computer literate so i need some help. step by the step preferred por favor.

i don't know what i'm doing
go to , that is my personal guide.
*wink wink wink* if you catch my drift.
Desiboi92 Suspended account
Then where do you get them?

Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HELP?
reread my last post do not do anything i said*wink wink*
and is you still dont know where to get them you are retarded beyond help.
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I get my roms from and I was seeing if there were other good places that don't make you vote first

Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HELP?
o, well, i just do a google search and look around till i find somethin good.
my god if u ddint catch hgis drift ur a complete retard ,,....but tahts an isult to retardes....

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But does anyone know where I can find NeoGeoCd Iso I've searched everywhere googled search and every place I find wants you to pay. anyone know any free sites
let me steer another poor child from illegal actions.
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I need to access the setting of my snes emulator, how you access the setting? Thanks...
Mikey49 Suspended due non-functional email address
I need to access the setting of my snes emulator, how you access the setting? Thanks...
to acess the settings, while playing a rom, press < on the analog pad.
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if you guys want to just go to and get everything. if already have a game folder rename it to game1 and then put the game folder from pspbrew to your mem stik. then go to the GAME folder and got to w/e emu;ators that was in the brew pak. and then rught klik on the item and put copy to removeable disk. it will be easier with a mem stik 128 or higher
i need some help here. I'm on a mac and i down loaded the Neodeocd i got it to work. What roms am i suppose to use? i got a file called Samurai Shodown! 2 (JUE) [!].ngp
where do i put this on my PSP? i cant get my neogeo to read it.
that wont work becuase that is a .ngp file which is NeoGeoPOCKET, and you must copy all the files in the folder you downloaded to you ms, other than the eboot cuase its already there, then you place the roms in a folder called roms which i think is already there.
nope i dont have a folder called roms in my psp! i can get the neo to load up and i get a snk wallpaper. in my psp folder i just draged the Neocd folder and the neocd% folder in the game folder that works fine so when i get a rom for the neo geo all i do it put them in a rom folder in the games folder? is that right?or do i put them in one of the neocd folders. Whats the file name for a neogocd so i'll know.
ok i got neo geo pocket and neo geo cd and i got two ngp files i found i turn my psp on and the geo cd works but i got no roms for it. the icon on my psp for the pocket one shows up but when i click on it i get a error saying the game can not be played whats uo with this? i download all this crao for nothing to work how are you guys getting this crap to work im following the steps that the files come with puting the folders where they say.
try and see there, they will most likly have your answer if not post it in there forums.
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