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My Hotmail email won't open up.

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When I try to sign in into my hotmail it shows the word "done" at the bottom of the page, and it won't let me get into my email. I was thinking maybe it's something with my Java settings but im not sure.
also when I use messenger and click on Mail it won't open up it just keeps showing a blank page.
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aabbccdd Suspended account
Try uninstalling and reinstalling it . run a spyware program and make sure you dont have any virses
I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and ran a spyware program , and it still won't open my email.
what browser are you running?

Thermaltake.... cool all your life
you mean like Internet Explorer and stuff?
aabbccdd Suspended account
yes ,whats your homepage? ,MSN,AOL,local cable etc.
My homepage is Yahoo.
can u do a screenshot so wen can see what exactly is happening?


Thermaltake.... cool all your life
Yeah I could how do u post an image on here exactly tho.
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use image dumper and host it on there.:) then give me the link ok?

Thermaltake.... cool all your life
image dumper , im not familar with that. another program to download?
ok , I put a pic of what happens on a diff. site, heres the link....
Did you delete your temporary internet files, cookies, and clearing history yet and then going to hotmail?

Yeah I just did , and that didnt seem to help either.
hmmm... Try setting your Advanced Internet Options back to default and set your cookies to accept all. If that doesn't work, try installing FireFox and opening hotmail with that.

Changing the settings to those things didnt work , but FireFox opened it right up , thnx. I was wondering if there were to be any way to reinstall My Internet Explorer Browser and if this would fix the problem I have with hotmail under Internet Explorer Browser?
Glad to see you are able to get to hotmail. To reinstall Internet Explorer, go to Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs - Add/Remove Windows Components (left hand side). There a window that pop-ups with windows components. Look for Internet Explorer and it will probably be checked. Uncheck it and click Next and it should uninstall it. Go through the same thing and this time, check Internet Explorer. This will reinstall it. I'm not sure if this will fix the problem but you can try.

Thanks for all your help, reinstalling internet explorer didnt help with my hotmail problem, I was wondering is FireFox is safe to use and ok for everything.
your welcome and yes FireFox is safe to use. It's my main internet browser right now and the majority of people say it's better than IE.

1 more thing , when I started up FireFox it said do u want all your information and passwords set to this browser, How do I get back into that now?
I'm not exactly sure but check in options in FireFox (Tools - Options - Privacy). In here, you can have FireFox save your passwords and information. I'm not sure this is what you're asking for. If this isn't it, I would have no idea how to get back into that.

I think that may be it, thanks again!
actually this is what i was more looking into , when i log onto my msn messenger and I try to open my email inbox from there , how can i change this so it will open in the FireFox browser?
I really don't have a clue, sorry.

Oh that's ok , you've helped me out plenty.
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